nothing in here is true

  1. Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    valley livin 

    went to walmart, but there were lines

    so we went to another walmart. amber was sleeping

    we were going because it was hot in the apartment and we needed some things and the ac in the car was nice and the radio was on miles davis and the traffic was light and we went to in n out afterwards and talked to my ma

    and then drove real slow through the valley and the moon was high up there and big and beautiful and

    amber said this is so great

    then i got home and procrastinated my tail off

    which i guess i am still doing.

    the mayor today said that the trails will be open on Saturday except Runyon (pictured)

    first thing i thought “isnt today Saturday”?

    the mayor is smart. this weekend is going to be super hot. people are gonna be passing out and no way wouldnt it be a zoo.

    theres a million trails in LA though, i wonder if some of the other ones will be packed because of all the people who suddenly wanna hike

    i just wanna sit on my black ass.

  2. Sunday, March 20, 2016

    sometimes life surprises you and it’s super nice 

    valettoday i woke up early because i had to do two fantasy drafts

    but they both got moved and now i dont know what to do

    other than think about the last two days which were not at all the way i thought theyd be

    i went hiking yesterday with one of my neighbors who i didnt really know except i really liked her voice

    and i liked that she walked one of her cats with a leash.

    we went hiking and shes in really good shape because she runs and i am in really bad shape

    because i eat ding dongs and pop and drive in a car when im not sitting at a desk

    she at cups of protein before our hike and i ate a bag of chips and drank flat coke

    she told me some things that i cant repeat on television and answered all of my followup questions which

    quickly stopped once i tried to make it up the second tough hill

    and i nearly died on the third tough hill

    and almost died again on the steps

    im so out of shape if i did die i dont know if i could walk all the way up the stairway to heaven.

    i had to sit down a few times

    i had to fake myself out a few times

    i had to convince my legs that the ground was rubber and wanted to get stepped on as i climbed the hill

    i had to not look at people

    just the ground.

    i wanted to tell her how impressed i was with her and how im not really this super out of shape old man, that really im 17 and can run to the grocery store and back without stopping

    but i was out of breath and all i could say is

    lets do this again

    and she was all eh