ive been trying to meet jake forever

but things never worked out.

then i saw on his Facebook Story that he was broken down in the parking lot near Shutters and no one in the parking lot would help him

so i DMed him and said i could be there in 45 minutes.

got there, we met, jumped his car (which was tricky because i didnt know where my battery was(!)

and then i podcasted him for an hour and a half.

what a great guy. it’ll be a very good podcast

we talked about all sorts of things and i pressed him for answers

but on some questions like

what do you want next

he just didnt know and hes trying to figure it out.

its funny this is supposed to be about Venice but so many of these people wanna talk about santa monica

anyways, visualize what you want in life, and be shocked and amazed when it comes true

woah i havent blogged all week?

well it was a crazy week

and as life goes, what you may think is weird in your personal or professional relationships can suddenly turn into small potatoes when shit goes afoul in the USA and then your own city.

this was the week that a young man was killed in Minnesota and it was filmed.

his murderer: a cop.

it took forever for the cop to get fired which pissed off a bunch of people, and then it took a while for his three partners to get canned. but only the one cop ended up getting arrested, and that took a bunch.

so add to the mix the fact that most of the USA is locked down, watching things over and over on the internet and TV, and added to that people don’t have to go to work in the morning. Also people are nervous and mad and scared about their jobs. 40 million americans are unemployed.

then sprinkle onto that the fact that white women are still calling the cops on black men for being black, and the POTUS has zero leadership abilities, and the rich are somehow getting richer from funds that are supposed to go to small businesses

and you have a slow burning fuse

and then a powder keg.





people stealing stuff not just in the hood any more, that’s so 20th century, now they have gone to beverly hills, and melrose, and today was santa monica.

nordstom at the grove was hit.

gucci on rodeo drive.

big five in santa monica.

everything must go.

now theres fires across the street from the white house.

on friday trump was rushed down to an underground bunker.

shit’s so crazy and so wild that i have zero story ideas.

and whats worse is i have three stories in the can that if i had worked faster and pushed harder would already be out there but now if they go out this week they’ll probably seem stale.

cuz theyre based on COVID, which is still a thing, but the Riots are the new thing

racism, police brutality, the national guard

the deadly disease is def not the main thing any more.

which is a lesson i knew a long long time ago: publish your stuff ASAP because you never know what world changing event will happen tomorrow.

ive been working so hard and long this week i couldnt stop today

as you know i am a bit of a workaholic. even when i was at the academy, working a FT job wasnt enough for me so i started driving for Uber/Lyft at nights and on the weekends.

so when this crazy sad scary virus started spreading around the world, i upped my production at Los Angeleno. one thing led to another and yesterday they published three of my pieces

one on the middle class

one on weed

and every day ive been doing a daily coronavirus update

the first two stories were long, involved, fascinating and what i turned in was 2x longer than what was published, but that’s why i value editors. we could all use one or two or three and im glad i have mine.

anyways im very proud of those stories and grateful that i get to do this right now — especially since so many people are losing their jobs this month.

but i was soooo beat Friday at 5pm that i just had to put down my phone and unplug my old mac. i nearly cried of exhaustion and stress and the same anxiety that im sure everyones feeling.

so when amber said this afternoon that we should go to the store to replenish our fridge, we did.

but i also thought, let me take some pics of LA.

in my wrap up story there was this great drone footage of parts of LA that were totally empty

it was eerie.

sometimes one street or two will close for a movie or a weird sinkhole

or some bizarre reason

and i guess this is a bizarre reason

but rarely are streets Everywhere empty in this town that loves its cars.

so i said, lets go all the way to the beach and take pics of how empty it is there.

well, was i surprised.

people were everywhere.

the weather was close to 70. everyone had the day off. almost everything had been shut down unless it was deemed “essential”

so people decided to grab their skateboards and surfboards

and children

and walk around venice and santa monica and malibu beach and

completely ignore the pleas for everyone to stay safe, stay at home.

now you might say, well what about you?

and i would say, im documenting this. im not in my swimtrunks having a picnic on a grassy knoll.

im not playing hackey sack

or doing 360 McTwists in the skate park.

even though it’s Saturday, im doing my job, which for Los Angeleno it is: telling you what the locals are doing.

and they are not staying at home.

it was weird.

it was especially weird to see parents bring their kids out.

and dont get me wrong. i dont know what the hell i would be doing if i had kids. especially if i lived near the beach. or close enough to drive. or Lord help us, if we were all stuck together in a cramped apartment.

and im no scientist, but isn’t the ONLY way that this spreads is if we go outside and touch things and get too close to people and do unnecessary things?

surfing is unnecessary.

renting an electric bike and cruising down the boardwalk is unnecessary.

do we need this sort of activity? Hell yes.

but we also need to stay in the house for a while.

with that said, props to those who stayed far away from each other.



Me and this lady from Canada were racing to the airport


She had to get back to Vancouver. Toot sweet!

In baseball they teach you to always be thinking what do I do if the ball is hit to me.

In Uber it’s all “if some nice lady who is a new grandma is rushing to the airport, which is the fastest route

especially if your Waze suddenly wants to ball up in a scared little ball?

i was near Montana in Santa Monica. The sun was resisting setting and giving the sky just a smidge more of blue.

I was thinking of you.

She came bustling out next to the busy street lined with parked cars and ppl coming home or going out to dinner.

as i was going south on 11th i was thinking Lincoln all the way? isnt that slow? but what about the freeways? what about that interchange? and who puts their lives on the line with the 405? especially these days.

me at carls jrher english wasnt good and i was thinking is she muslim? then i thought muslim isnt a dialect you dumbass.

i headed east a block, then west a block. i was snaking my way to the 10 but the lady didnt understand the double back

please i must get there by the straightest route.

she meant quickest, and the music wasnt cooperating either. it was Alien Ant Farm covering MJ’s “Smooth Criminal”

so much confusion, so much panic.

then the phone rang. it was “Uber”. i said, oh hey this is probably your daughter calling.

turned out it was.

“hi tony, you are driving my mom to the airport. can you tell her the plane has been delayed? no need to rush!”

and suddenly the Waze started working.

the lady and i smiled, i called out “sinatra” to my nav system

and the chairman of the board began singing to us on his Sirius XM channel.

but then i had to worry about getting a ticket at LAX for being an uber guy.

tell her to hug you tell her to hug you when you drop her off.

tell her to hug you the voice kept repeating in my ear.

circled LAX because i assumed Air Canada is in the Tom Bradley Terminal. turned out it is in Terminal 2.

no one was on the curb. so no need to hug.

beautiful night all around.

White basketball player, older, Midwest accent


Starts talking about Jersey. Then about the mafia.

I said I didn’t know any connected kids played hoops in Jersey. Or I should say, I didn’t know of any that were any good.

He was all, ah ha, you’re right. That’s because I’m not from Jersey, I’m from Chicago.

I was like what part? He starts talking and turns out he was recruited by DePaul back in the day. I was all yeah I know them. He quizzed me.

I was are you crazy? Mark Aguirre, Terry Cummings, the focal Ray Meyer. I said g I watched them in the little gym before they moved to the Rosemont Horizon.

Bro was impressed and started showing me pictures if his ladies.

I said ah yes yes. But I was driving. Why would you want me to not keep my eyes on the road.

We go from Hollywood to Santa Monica. He says keep the engine running, Rosemont.

After 5 mins I call. I say you good? He asked, is the meter running? I said affirmative. He goes good. Be down in 5.

Something tells me it’ll be more than 5. But at least I got to write you.

i once had a girlfriend break up with me because we lived too far away

awesome welcome mat

but it was even more pathetic than you think

she lived on one side of hollywood and i live on the other.

she would get super frustrated by how long it would take to get to my house

so when this couple (where the lady lives in Santa Monica, and the dude lives in Silver Lake)

say they only see each other on the weekends…

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when the editor of livestrong.com invites you to climb stairs

in santa monica

on a perfect summer day in mid january

you make lemonade.

watch this guy in perfect shape get out of breath after doing it once. 170 stairs. at around 100 it starts to effect you, i noticed.

we did the circuit of going up the wood ones, walking a little ways to the metal ones, going down those, then walking to the wood ones and going up those ones: five times.

about 50 minutes total. super fun. definitely a work out. even though it seems so easy.