spike accepts his oscar and does the right thing

spike lee, wesley snipes, samuel jackson, denzel washington

Brooklyn in the house! Last night the trailblazing director Spike Lee received an Honorary Academy Award for his unique and creative career which told a story about a vitally important part of the United States that very few before him showed on screen.

At 17 minutes there’s a lot going on in here: how Spike got his first camera, what he did with it, how he was getting Ds in school before film found him and then his grades turned around, how important historically black colleges and education was/is to him and his family, how he changed the Teamsters, the importance of the selflessness of his grandmother, and current experiences with “diversity”.

Then he looked Hollywood in the eye and spoke truth to power – something so few people do when they’re given the opportunity. Spike said, “this industry is so behind sports, it’s ridiculous. It’s easier to be president of the united states as a black person, than be the head of a studio… or head of a network.”

Spike was wearing a special edition Jordan 6 air jordans which he told me were specially made just for him. “One of one” he said. “The Oscar Edition.”

That too is mentioned early on. I think he was equally proud of those.

Yes it’s the shoes, Mookie! The shooooooes!

Many more videos and photos from the night are here