tragedy at sxsw


my favorite place in the whole world is austin texas during sxsw.

unfortunately we dont always get to be where we want to be all the time.

tonight a drunk driver plowed through dozens of people in austin

2 died and lots others are injured.

it’s the first time ive ever been relieved im not at sxsw because red river street, where the tragedy happened is where id been many many times.

ive seen dinosaur jr, thurston moore, be your own pet there

ive stood there in the dark, in the rain, in the sun

tonight x was on and tyler the creator was about to go on.

why arent there breathalyzers in cars? why cant we figure out that booze and driving kills people

and the people who should make the right decision sometimes are too drunk to do it.

why cant we invent technology that can figure that out and stop it before its too late.

my favorite place in the world tonight isnt so wonderful right now.

im very glad that some of my friends checked in on social media

wishing the rest would.

throwback thursday – antone’s, 2007, austin

with moka at sxsw

austin texas, sxsw, a few days before st. patricks day

i was talking to a fantastic young lady named moka

true, i had been drinking. for several days. as that is what you do there.

and you talk and talk and listen to very smart people and later you hear great bands.

but maybe for 80 percent of the time theres a drink in your hand

and you are in some of the coolest bars and rock clubs in america.

for example as i was talking with moka we were in historic antone’s on 6th street

home of the famous blues club opened by 25 year old clifford antone in 1975

antone was forced into starting the club that would later springboard the careers of stevie ray vaughn because he was kicked out of nearby university of texas because of a drug charge or something.

while in antones talking to moka before the sondre lerche show sipping on a Lone Star

i said, i know ive only known you for 15 minutes, but can i take a picture of us

im probably going to forget all of this.


nardwaur continues to be the best music interviewer ever

so of course he brought back the best SXSW interview.

the fact it was with Snoop Dogg Lion is just a happy accident.

what amazes me about this is we get to see Snoop even more less-guarded than normal.

Nardwaur is a master at helping his subjects feel relaxed. maybe its the hat.

maybe its that he is always giving people the coolest stuff.

maybe its because he not only knows music but loves it.

watch how Snoop quizzes Nard as to what record label he was on more than a decade ago

which is a tough trick because the D-O double G has been around the block, nephew.

its almost 14 minutes of interview (which most tv and radio shows will tell you is way too long)

and ends in the oddest/beautiful way.

i thank a certain canadian for turning me on to this priceless gem.

last night mama mia last night

there used to be a time when people, specifically men, would come to this url to take a peek into the wild world of hollywood.

even though they were warned that all of it was fake.

we are here to live vicariously through you, they’d write.

the crazy thing is my life hasnt gotten all that more mild

ive just mellowed out on writing about it.

i dont even write about it in one of my dozens of secret blogs.

and thats what worries me.

bukowski is burping in his grave.

sorry bro.

last night bruce springsteen played at sxsw.

my buddy dan in austin said no one even knew how to get tickets.

if theres one thing brothas know how to do its get tickets.

lil wayne also played out there.

and here in hollywood the Drive By Truckers played on the sunset strip.

and what did i do on the day before the day before st paddys day?

that will be the first thing i write about in the new ultra secret blog

titled, call it a comeback.

one of the worlds greatest photo blogs turns 1 today

lindsey and leah 7 years ago with tony pierce

a little more than 7 years ago i was working at buzznet

buzznet was holding a sxsw party in austin and i invited young leah whose blogging skillz i had totally admired.

she said can i bring a friend? i was all sure. she was all, ive never met her before. i said hahaha ok fine crazy person.

that new friend of leah’s turned out to be a young lady named lindsey. we all met that night.

because life is strange and wonderful, leah and lindsey became friends and years later they would become excellent excellent photographers and bffs

and business partners as wedding photographers.

their photo site The Life You Love is so beautiful its ridic. its also a great glimpse of Austin. its also a nice look at people at their happiest.

anyways i had always appreciated their work but not until today when i saw the photo above did i realize that Leah’s Lindsey was THAT Lindsey who i believe she met first on Myspace

omg life is so strange. and beautiful.

happy first birthday Leah and Lindsey!

Joey Maloney at SXSW and in the paper

Joey Maloney has been one of my favorite photographers of rock since even before he joined LAist.

i’d see his beautiful LA rock scene pix on Flickr back in the day and i was all i wonder if hed shoot pics for us for free

yeah right.

but then one day i got the courage to ask and he was crazy enough to say yes and it was a match made in heaven

so imagine my surprise when this morning i see his work at my favorite rock festival

on the pages of my local paper.

at sxsw

this is something i sure could get used to!

Great job Joey!!


do i wish i was in austin right now

of course.
its where i belong.
its where i should be.

one thing id be curious about is would i change my mind about the iPad.

currently i see no use for it in my life. i have a perfectly good phone. and a fine laptop.

you know what apple needs to make for me. a robot.

how long have we been waiting for robots?

not the ones that build cars and fly around football stadiums with cameras.

i need a robot to cook and clean for me.

thats all.

then ill go back to sxsw.

photo by kk+