nothing in here is true

  1. Wednesday, February 15, 2017

    this was my dinner 

    ended up in west LA around 7:22pm

    traffic was crazy everywhere. on the freeways off the freeways.

    i was starving heading south on Bundy. really wanted to go to Pico but traffic was gridlocked.

    so i settled on the Taco Bell on Pico and Bundy near the Amherst House.

    so glad i did because i tried the Naked Chili Chalupa box.

    a boneless fried breast of chicken folded to be the taco shell! and then taco fixings inside of it.

    plus you get a Dorito beef taco and a regular crunchy beef taco.

    and a bottle of water because im healthy.

    $5.44 after taxes

    took me forever to get onto the 10 heading east to usc

    so i took the 405 to the marina freeway to slauson for a cruise thru the hood

    i ate all three of those “tacos” fast.

    700 calories, messy, slimy, crunchy, miraculous.

    listened to tom petty interview andrew oldham about driving the stones around the US in the early 60s

    before they had broken thru

    and wished i had ordered two.