nothing in here is true

  1. Sunday, January 15, 2012

    very sad to see The Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada’s truck was tagged 


    walked the Vista to see The Artist but i got caught up in an interesting phone call

    so i walked around Los Feliz while i yapped and when i was done i found myself hungry

    and coincidentally right in front of this great taco house that has $2 fish tacos

    no burritos, no tortas, no enchaladas, no chimichangas, just tacos.

    they also have a cute truck out front that was sadly defaced recently


    i know it was recently because a few months ago the boss’s daughter flew in for a taco

    and then flew back to hq justlikethat.

    back then the truck was lovely, if not sexy.

    today its sad, and a bit obscene.

    ay carrumba.

  2. Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    One of the best kept LA secrets: our tacos 

    People plan their trips to Los Angeles and they ask me what they should do and see and they see i eat sushi a lot but people can get sushi anywhere.

    What they cannot get are tacos like the ones that are so plentiful in this beautiful city.

    A while back when I made the move from LAist to the Times i was asked about blogs and blogging. Back then people were buzzing about hyperlocal and this and that and I said that the LA blogosphere is diverse but one thing that stands out are the Taco Blogs.

    One of my favorites is is a longrunning blog called LA Taco.

    Even now I am sure that people think I’m kidding about the taco culture and the taco blogging and I dont know why they wouldnt trust me. It’s underground, it’s a symbol of the beautiful diversity of this international city, it’s casual, it cuts through every social-economic community, and its a delicious part of our neighborhoods.

    LA Taco has created a March Madness style bracket page where people can vote on their favorite tacos. Some of my regular haunts didnt get invited to the big dance, but a few are there.

    If you live in LA and want to give a shout out to your favorite establishment, go to LA Taco and vote it up!

  3. Sunday, February 20, 2011

    ask tony answers to your dreams 

    in las vegas

    adriel asks: i am confused by the comment thing…wondering if i can use this on my blog? oh wellsies. anyway, i was just thinking the other day that i wished for an ask tony and now i can’t remember what it was!!!! aaah!!! so…um…I’ll be in Haiti on my birthday in april. not the usual birthday hijinks. what should i do?

    do whatever you want just dont hait it.

    Matt Welch asks: Hey Tony, are you gonna meet me at Margarita Tuesday at Malo next week?

    i will go cuz youre there and ive not seen you in many moons. but malo is played out in my mind. $4 tacos are fine if youre in an airport but in the midst of LA i just dont see what their added value is. what are they offering. plenty of taco huts around los feliz silverlake. is it the beautiful people? is it the stiff drinks? is it the outside part. the outside part i can live with. in fact the outside part is usually my favorite part of restaurants that serve booze. somewhere we protected our rights for anyone to be able to have a gun but we flinch when people wanna drink while being outside. but malo has the proper paperwork i suppose so people are allowed to eat their tacos and have beers and marguritas and alls good in the hood i suppose. but id rather be at midnite tacos. where prtty much the whole thing is an outside part. but yes tues it is, and bring your bundle of joy, aint seen her!

    timmmmay wonders: cubs at fenway in may … want me to get you tix?

    ive only been to fenway park once. it was near the end of the season. the sox were out of it. they were playing a team that was second to last. any other park that place would be empty. only reason any one would be there is cuz their company bought a block of tickets before the season. but that night people were cheering on every pitch as if it was the world series. it made me appreciate the red sox fans that much more. so yes i will gladly take any tickets to see my cubs break the hearts of so many massholes who live and die with each pitch as if it means something.

    Kingesq007 asks: Are you and Raymi still friends?


  4. Friday, March 15, 2002

    i was trying to prove God to this buddist at the baja fresh 

    and i saw my old boss signalling me from the salsa station.

    my old fbi boss.

    i excused myself and met him in the men’s room.

    “long time, agent.”

    “not that long, really, seems like yesterday.” i said.

    “hows the xbi treating you?”

    “the what?”

    “ok, well, whatever. tony we want you back.”

    “im touched.”

    “we miss you and we need you.”

    “you cant afford me.”

    “what, are you suddenly materialist? has the xbi spoiled you?”

    “it’s not money that i want.”

    “figured as much, what do you want then?”

    my old boss wasn’t much of a negotiator, especially with me. all he would ever say is “no.”

    “i want my old flying car back and i want to be a superagent, and i want my old territory back.”

    “sorry kid, no can do. santa monica is taken.”

    “yeah, i know, by your son-in-law. is he still in the hospital?”

    “hal is back, he’s fine, thank you.”

    “well, those are my terms, my fish tacos are getting cold.”

    someone knocked on the door, my boss yelled, “one sec, buddy.” then he said, “we could get you your car.”

    “and i want to pick my partner,” i added.

    “next you’ll be telling me that you want to pick your boss.”

    “get me santa monica back, and let me pick my partner and i’ll be happy with you as my boss.”

    “boy, that’s a change.”

    my boss always liked to get close to me and whisper in my ear. that never sat well with me, but i understood his motives.

    he said, “i’ll see what i can do, agent. but your partner has to be someone from the bureau. none of those xbi hoodlums.”

    i washed my hands with hot water and soap. my boss looked at his male pattern baldness and primped. i dried off with the papertowels and threw all but one in the trash and used the remaining towel to protect my soon-to-be fishy fingers and opened the door.

    like a gentleman i allowed my boss to exit first.

    he said thank you and as he passed, i attached a bug to the collar of his suit coat.