i wonder why disney is doing this

star wars is gonna make so much money.

hateful 8 is trying its best not to make so much money.

sometimes i wonder about the evil men do.

how some think they have to be these super aggro winner take all alpha dogs

and i know a few women who prefer that sort of king of the jungle hoo haw

if anything this makes disney look terrible

and its the only knick on star wars’ incredible launch.

if i was disney i would not only let the hateful 8 play at the cineramadome

but i would say it was a terrible misunderstanding

and buy all the seats one night and give them to the troops or some shit.

which is why people are knocking down my door to make me their ceo.

met two dudes who had never seen true romance

true romance

picked them up in hollywood, late, and they wanted to go to burbank.

one of them had been in LA for a few years the other one only a few months.

as we passed the Safari Inn in north hollywood i was all, hey thats where they filmed some of true romance.

they were all what?

i was like the tarantino movie with patricia arquette.

never heard of it.

brad pitt’s in it too, briefly, hes stoned.

one of em goes theres a tarantino movie i havent seen?

i go, well he wrote it, but it does feel like one of his.

they were very excited and even though it was like 12:30 at night the one guy says

now i know what we’re doing tonight.

i was almost jealous.