nothing in here is true

  1. Tuesday, February 6, 2018

    two south african immigrants made news today 

    the first was Elon Musk who sent a rocket ship containing a Tesla car into space this morning

    and then had his rocket boosters fly back to earth safely so he could use them again

    and again and again.

    moral of the story: surround yourself with people who believe that anything is possible

    and you will create miracles.

    the second was the richest man in LA, Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong,

    who might take $500 million of his $7 billion fortune to buy the best paper west of Manhattan

    your Los Angeles times.

    moral of that story: sometimes good things happen to good cities.

    always do the right thing, Mookie.

  2. Thursday, June 2, 2016

    billionaire thinks we are probs characters in an advanced civ’s video game 


    yes really

    non billionaire thinks if this was a video game
    a) we’d have better cars
    b) we’d be boning way more often
    c) we’d all be dressing like Prince
    d) there’d be more fire
    e) far fewer people would be starving and walking to get water
    f) dinosaurs would roam hawaii
    g) we’d read a lot less
    h) hockey and Aussie Rules Football would be more popular
    i) intellectuals would be murdered more often
    j) Fox would be the #1 tv network
    k) Playboy playmates would make up half of Congress
    l) Farmers Markets wouldnt exist
    m) PBS wouldn’t exist
    n) hipsters would make better music
    o) we’d have jetpacks
    p) weed would have been legal decades ago
    q) Coldplay would be in jail
    r) 9/11 would happen all the time
    s) Russia would have more dominance
    t) there would be no pollution in China
    u) Bo Jackson would still be playing sports
    v) radio would be better
    w) MTV would have never gone the way of the Dingo
    x) MDMA would be legal
    y) more babies would end up in zoos
    z) freeways would look a lot cooler