sorta disappointed by the new grates record

the grates

which shouldnt be surprising. i hate most things when i first hear them,

sorry new ac/dc record.

and i appreciate the grates for trying something new, as they often do,

this time it’s more stark and punk rock, and minimalistic.

but it seems like they hurried this together because they are about to have a lil baby

which is sweet and cute but how about just dont record until you actually have songs?

patience can sing, jon is a musical genius, but talent alone wont get the job done

otherwise Yngvie Malmsteen would be more popular than the Beetles.

i will still listen to it endlessly over the next few weeks bc i love them

and i will hope i can hear things in the upcoming listens that im not hearing now

which usually happens

but on first glance, yikes

my summer jam: the grates “secret rituals”

when sass was sent to australia she asked what she could bring back for me.
which is very sweet.
so i said two aussie wives please.
one who made money like nicole kidman
and one who made music like patience of the grates
so sass brought me back the import only “Secret Rituals” cd.

something happens to me with music.
i’ll get something and 9 times outta 10 i’ll listen to it a few times the first week
and i’ll forget about it and at best maybe play one of the songs a couple of times that year
but that 10th time out of 10 i will dust it off and i will be addicted to it
and wonder, why didnt i hear all of that beauty the first week?

that happened to me with Nevermind, Pinkerton, and Time Out of Mind
yawned the first dozen spins. put it in the trunk. many moons later popped it in
and Whoa.

dont get me wrong. im not saying this is one of the classic records of all time
because this same phenomenon happened to me for Avril’s “Girlfriend” and LMFAO’s “Sorry for Party Rocking”
every day i would listen to those albums several times a day.
but this one i listen to the entire thing over and over and over

im losing my mind and “Secret Rituals” seems to be the only cure.

which is weird because this isnt even the Grates’ best record.
but i cant stop playing it. i love every video. i love every tone.
and for someone who gets bored with EVERYTHING within minutes i am so not bored with this

more ranting and videos after the jump

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go ben frank go

what is my favorite podcast?

i like jessicas yes jessica, of course, duh

but the one i find myself listening to all the time is The Minutes which is done by <3 Patience <3 from The Grates

and her friend Melinda Buttle who is a comedianne.

they’re young australian ladies with the best accents and funny tales of fights, shows, one eyed cats, food, fast food, and aussieland

i like it because it takes me to a new world.

also its nice to hear girls talk in foreign lands.

other day on the minutes (whose ringtone is my ringtone, fyi) they had the new drummer dude of the grates on

and he was talking about Ben Franklin. now the drummer dude seems like  a good man. and hes american. but i was wondering if it was rude to bring up a non-president like Ben on a podcast in australia with two nice aussie ladies?

how are they supposed to know anything about ben?

after the dude said that ben went to prostitutes and may have had slaves (i dont think he did either), one of the ladies asked which dollar bill he was on (cute). and when they were told, they said “maybe he should be demoted to the $1”.

oh the minutes.

the goal of climbing the hard part of runyon

at the top

is to make it to the top (pictured) without wanting to kill yourself

or anyone else.

pretty much everything annoys me as i make the hike up the mountain.

dogs, bugs, people running, people who let their dogs crap on the trail

people who pick up the dog crap but then toss the little bag on the trail

haze, sweaty people, my earbuds, the lack of web reception.

usually being with karisa soothes me but she had a baby shower to attend to

so i was alone with my thoughts which werent helping so i turned on my favorite podcast

The Minutes starring Patience from The Grates.

she and this other young lady talk about life in a girly way with Aussie accents

and its hard not to smile and laugh and wish that there were people like them hiking with you

the good year blimp was doing circles below us cuz of the oscars

the roads were closed all over cuz of the oscars

the line at In N Out was super short cuz of the oscars

my double double tasted super great cuz of the oscars

turn me on

in australia

i know what i would be doing if i lived in australia tomorrow.

i would be loving the fact that one of the funnest bands in rock was fixin to go on a lil tour.

the other day a little birdie told me that patience and john had released a new single called

turn me on

all i had to do was click a link that would get me to itunes

and i almost did it but instead i said omg lemme buy it off itunes via my iphone

so i wont have to sync anything to have it on my phone so i could sing to it in the shower.

searched on the iphone itunes couldnt find it, so i clicked the link

and it said only available in australia, yank.

so what you will hear if you play the youtube video above is something you can really only easily hear down under

how often do you get to say something like that?

the grates turn into a duo

as their longtime drummer decides to become a baker

10 excerpts from The Grates’ press release blog post published yesterday:

10. With heavy hearts we announce that Alana Skyring, cutest drummer in rock, has left our band to pursue the culinary arts (or in other words, to become the cutest baker in baking). We wish her the very best of luck.

9. John & I will continue on as the Grates & have whole bunch of new songs to share with you very soon.

8. We’re in the process of recording them all now, in Brooklyn NY, and can’t wait to bring them back home.

7. Happy 2011, let’s make it great.

6. xoxo

5. The Grates have been based in Brooklyn for the last year.

4. It’s been an interesting period for the Brisbane band as they relocated to the USA, saw a change in their line up and began work in earnest on their next record.

3. “Brooklyn has a persuasive & inviting community spirit. Being surrounded by thousands of artists finding pleasure in their creations definitely re-energised our spirits in writing a new record.” says frontwoman Patience Hodgson of the move.

2. The Grates will continue as a two-piece, recruiting talented renegades along the way for recording and live performances.

1. The Grates’ highly anticipated new album is due out in June 2011.

balloon birthday boy

my work was very nice to me. lots of sweets. balloons. gifts. cards.
but the best was they let me have the next day off.

which meant i was able to party heartily at the sushi and sake place avec amigos

it was great to see everyone including anti who had a killer new tattoo

and hey theres karisa with anti’s blushing bride, tanky

sarah was behind the balloons and the cupcakes so i was glad to thank her
by getting her ishfaced at the sake place.
ten bucks says she puked that night.

because i properly paced myself (vodka shots, sake, beers, bailey’s)

guitarist John was still ill with pneumonia, so Patience bought a new outfit

the sound wasnt the best, and the sightlines werent great
but the spirit of their super fun music was definately in the house

this photo with my truest proves that i can be super drunk and super happy
with a brand new the grates tshirt and i can look xactly the same as sober.

even though ive been rocking their cd for a few weeks, i was blown away by Those Darlins

they were sultry and rollickin and sassy and a tad sad

sad because the blonde babe explained how her bf had just broken up with her

just made you wanna hug her. and get her some chicken.

i was given friday off, so my truest drove me through the santa monica mountains
where she took me to my favorite beachside shrimp shack

we had a pound of jumbo shrimp, a half pint of clam chowdah, veggies, bread, and soda
then we walked across pch and took pictures of the surfers

took the long way home, which meant pch to sunset and sunset to hollywood

driving thru beverly hills the sweet girl was all omg make a uturn

it was this huge mansion with cool halloween decorations rockin

the best were these creepy scarecrows. dude had dozens of them

some of them were fine, but a few of them had the creep factor increased by a lot

it was the perfect way to close out a great day.

i want every day to be my birthday now.

i had such a great birthday yesterday

everyone at work was super great. there were cupcakes and balloons and rice krispy treats

after work there was sushi and booze and tempura and more booze.

after that there was The Grates and Those Darlins who were awesome.

then there was MCDONALDS DRIVE THRU in the weeeeeeeee hours

then there was massive passing outtting happening.

now theres a hangover being cured except my neighbors are being loud cuz its a gorgeous morning

made more gorgeous since i planned to take today off of work

which means perhaps a drive up the pch to malibu

or perhaps a nice walk to the cinema

or perhaps i will just run topless around LA


thanks to everyone who expressed bday wishes in these comments, on twitter, and on facebook, oh and also to those who did it in person.

such a great birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

photo by the kogasnake