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  1. Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    today is tiffany and lianas birthday 

    theyre twins.

    tiffany (right, avec gun) was blogging so well at 18 years old that i was linking to her at least once a week. soon i was building a new website, Lick, all around her and others like her. young women who wrote their booties off but would probably write even better if they could do it under the cover of anonymity.

    tiffany used to chat with me and id say i dont believe youre 18. knock on my door when youre 19.

    and because life isnt fair she knocked on my door when she was 19 and she was tall and lean and had the cutest amount of blue eye shadow on and i was all oh my oh my oh my.

    sometimes when you meet people who youve been reading for a while they dont live up to their persona.

    tiffany was the exception. she was better than how she came across and she came across perfectly. she also had the cutest voice.

    she has a boyfriend now so shes dead to me. JK!

    i still have a picture of her hanging in my room when she came over that first time.

    its not this one but i love it anyway. the birthday girl is in the center pretending shes shy.

    and basart

    speaking of first times,  today is also Lianas birthday. first time i ever shaved my head was because of her.

    details about that and the wildest night Liana ever had after the jump.

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  2. Sunday, May 24, 2009