nothing in here is true

  1. Thursday, January 7, 2016

    songs i love: tom petty covering the grateful dead “friend of the devil” 

    Tom Petty

    sometimes im glad i dont have kids because you gotta tell them everything and they dont always believe you, which is good, or understand, which can be frustrating.

    one thing im pretty sure id have a problem explaining is the great Dead tune “friend of the devil”.

    as you know im basically a born again Christian, but i do love naughty things and i am fascinated by the concept of the devil as an actual living thing.

    which isnt why i love this song.

    i love it because it’s beautiful and sweet and the sort of thing id want to hear as im waking up slowly on a sunday on a summer day.

    i was so lucky to have been around so many hippies at college and sweet people who turned me on to the Dead and what they were about. and unlike how i imagine raising kids would be like, they showed me the aesthetics of that scene by their actions, not their words.

    which is why i love this song.

    dude has at least two wives, maybe three in this song (one who has a lil baby, but it doesnt look like him).

    it’s a jam song in the best way. lots of room to breathe. lots of places for the organ and the guitar and the high hat to do its thing

    and then theres the harmonies.

    some say they love Dylan songs but only when other people cover them. im not one of those people. i like the rind and the crust AND the gooey center of brie cheese.

    but i do love a good Dead cover and Petty and the Heartbreakers, i think, are at their best when then dig down into their Dylan & the Dead roots.

    so what would i tell my kids? id say forget about the words, who knows what its about, who cares, just feel it man FEEL IT

    and if you cant, go clean yr room

  2. Tuesday, May 20, 2014

    you might remember i ran into Deryk from Sun-41 at the tom petty show 


    when was that, last june? wow, time flies.

    anyway he looked terrible and i think i said so.


    actually i probably didnt say so because one of the things about LA is you dont say things like that

    why? well i probably looked pretty terrible

    and i wasnt standing next to a tall skinny model who was wearing AA pants

    and super tall shoes.

    but also, if someone has hit the bottom you dont blawwwwg about it

    unless your name is Perez and youre bound for hell.

    i was at the bar a lot that night but bro was stationed there.

    maybe he was happy just listening to Petty play the small club.

    maybe he was happy standing next to his girl and singing a long

    and drinking.

    to be honest i thought about that a lot that night: why isnt bro watching?

    why is he just drinking?

    well now we know.