nothing in here is true

  1. Thursday, November 14, 2013
  2. Friday, May 17, 2013

    almost two years ago today i was roaming around Toronto 

    rob ford nope

    on my way to see the beautiful and delightfully witty lowercase carmen

    when i spotted this Hope parody.

    i showed her this image on my iphone and asked her who the gentleman was

    she rolled her eyes and said OMG ROB FORD.

    today the rest of the world knows him as the alleged crack smoking TO mayor.

    even though many of my amigos in canada don’t like this mayor

    i feel like i must apologize for the US’s influence creeping once again into canada.

    mayors smoking crack, allegedly, should only be an American thing.

  3. Friday, January 1, 2010

    omg new years eve 

    the northern illinois marching band played in the lobby

    we went to a house party in a town called Barrie. Barrie has lots of snow

    the house had all kinds of people, many dogs, a cat, and lots of fish

    missc, paulie, and i dressed up as clockwork orange. we all played air hockey.
    g-d do people in canada love hockey!

    so yeah, we dressed up like clockwork orange. then the pirate eye patches came out.
    the only thing missing were the pimp canes and fake mustaches.

    carrie made paulie a 2 girls 1 cup cake. not one picture was sfw, except this one of Giuseppina taking a pic of the barbies

    she also made cookies. which were sfw. the name, rapey eye cookies, however, were not sfw

    after the ball dropped we hopped in the hot tub in the snow. as it snowed.
    mighty amazing, and in the morn we had eggs, toast, and Chocolate Milk!!!!

    Happy New YEAR!

  4. Thursday, December 31, 2009
  5. Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    dear blog 

    we’ve had a pretty good decade together havent we? you betcha.

    k, then can you talk to Mr. Clock and tell him to give me a frickin break. every night im trying to make something happen and its 225am or something insane.

    tomorrow im supposed to meet Casie at noon and id really just like to sleep all day.

    but thats no way to spend the last days of vacation.

    i also have the worst stomach situation.

    sushi for lunch with soft shelled crab followed by poutine and shawerma from a truck is no way to treat the thing that youve abused the most in yr life.

    plus that super big gulp of Capt Morgan courtney poured me followed by the molson canadians pauly kept broing me.

    how am i even awake right now?

    ah thats right, the 630p nap.

    i think companies should factor that into bonuses now that we’re in this neverending recession.

    most companies (that arent AIG or all of those banks we bailed out) have a hard time giving their employees raises. so in lieu of that they should offer either a few extra personal days off, or what i would be stoked for: permission to nap in their cars for a good 20-30 minutes after lunch.

    does wonders for me. probably because im so ridiculously olde.

  6. Wednesday, January 2, 2008

    i never really thought id ever feel more love 

    for a foreign land than for the USA

    and maybe its harder for some to love the US after the last 7 years of whatever this is

    but a few years ago i drove around my home and native land, and that made me feel good about the People of the US, and its something i recommend everyone do at least once in their life.

    see it for yourself.


    canada truly rules so much that even though i have an hour to kill before my limo takes me to the airport, i think im just gonna go hang out at the hottub than go through a photo essay recap of this week, cuz i dont wanna go home.

    even though im totally ready to rock my new job

    and see my friends there

    and enjoy the mild southern cal temperatures.

    yesterday i sloshed thru slush, ate ribs and chicken, made out with a pretty girl who said i have the best lines, watched tons of hockey, and later shared a quick drink with two dudes who i have so much love and respect for

    if theres ever a draft, im so here.

    a fuckit, heres some pics


    new years eve:

    au revoir, mes amis!