the 100 pics project is now underway

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as you may know i love pictures. who knows why but i do. love them.

for a while there were pictures and posters all over my apartment walls. as high as i could reach, if there was any blank space i would put something in it.

my philosophy was, what good are these pictures in a photo album when they could be right there over the toilet?

then one day i fell in love with a young lady who moved in with me briefly and asked if she could remove all of the memories of my past. it seemed like a reasonable request so i allowed it. now, years later, i am slowly putting new photos back on my walls and i love it. i love seeing all of these… things… all the time. friends, family, strangers, famous ppl, not famous people, and just great images.

so last night while driving the mean streets of downtown LA i thought, dude you’re gonna turn 100 in a few weeks! you should probably do something for such a milestone of a birthday. and you should do it on the world famous. and it should be something you aint never done before — which is a tough assignment for someone with  11,240 posts.

i concluded that every day for the next 100 days i will put up a picture that means something to me. a special picture. one that might be on my walls – or should be on my walls. and i should write about it with as much honesty as you have grown to expect from this humble url of love.

so lets start with this selfie. this one is from the buzznet days. i can tell because im using a canon rebel camera. only time i ever had that camera was when marc brown bought one or two for buzznet so they could send me out on assignment and take pics for the pic site. i was on a little roadtrip up to vancouver for a buzznet meetup party. it was thanksgivingtime. i had just spent the holiday with the truest and her family in Umpqua, OR and took some really great pics along the way.

but this one was taken in, i wanna say in the portland area at a cheap motel. i was alone. i missed the truest already but i was looking forward to hanging with chad and smelly danielly and matt good and the canadian crew. it was going to be my first time in canada i think. either the first or second time.

back then neither my beard or moustache liked to grow in and i was just starting to get gray hairs in there.

i was cold. i was alone. and the florescent light of the bathroom made me look green. i loved it.

today is the truest’s birthday, shes 24

chris and africans

almost everything you need to know about todays birthday girl is in this picture.

when everyone was getting high, making money, going to cocktail parties with meliania

chris went to africa to save the poorest of the poor. the blackest of the black.

she joined the peace corps, volunteered at an orphanage filled with kids whos parents died of AIDS or wars.

some of the kids were handicapped some were emotionally screwed up.

two tried to kill themselves by throwing themselves into the Victoria River

but Chris, once a member of the UCSB Women’s Crew Team, jumped into the river and saved them

a year later she returned to the river, with the youngsters, and they took pictures to celebrate her bravery

orphansand selflessness.

some in the village called her a ghost. some a witch. some just called her America.

America saved two orphans, someone said in Lugandan, the language of Uganda.

You lie! said another.

and a sound was heard in the distance, then a dusty image, then a rollicking cab filled with people

some even on the roof.

and then it stopped.

and out came three wet souls. one white and two black.

and off they climbed from the roof.

and they all collapsed before they could get into the orphanage. they were exhausted.

but alive.

and the one said to the other SEE! SEE WHAT THE AMERICAN GHOST DID!

today Chris lives in New Mexico where she donates blood every week.

and listens to NPR on her solar powered radio.

she is the very best this country is all about.

Hillary should make her the VP.

truest is now back on the road. sigh.


it’s amazing how it feels when someone who really truly loves you for all the right reasons

and who is also an angel inside and out

and who knows you for you and not some weird made up image.

we parked a moving van on a busy street. we bought a box of 20 $5 sunglasses for $2 each.

my cats immediately fell for her in beautiful (and insulting) ways.

even jeanine seemed happier than normal which is tough because jeanine has caught the Spirit.

so i said truest, move in with me, fix up my place. repair my heart. love these kittens.

and she laughed and i said no seriously. and she said nah.

but you can come up to oregon whenever you want and see me some time.

and we watched john oliver last week tonight holding hands and laughing.

and in the morning we said goodbye and she cried and i cried.

then i cried some more.

truest will be here in a few hours and i dont know what to wear


truth is i look good in anything. but thats not the point.

my house is dirty, theres cat hair everywhere, and who knows where we’ll park the moving van

the good news is the truest is an angel from heaven and can only see peoples hearts.

it’s a trait, she tells me, that we can all muster, if we practice.


the general plan is to take her to see jeanine, break her out of the pen

eat some soul food and then go to the dinosaur movie.

this is why women want me.

but the biggest issue is she is very particular about beds.

when we lived in frisco she could tell if the slightest thing was wrong with the mattress pad.

currently my bed is broken and resting on about 18 card board boxes of various sizes

because im an amateur hoarder. and where else am i going to store my yearbooks

and baseball cards. and cassette tapes, and maxims, and power cords and baseballs.

and the mattress sinks in the center, and the headboard is unsafe.

theres no food in the house. and i should be doing laundry.

instead im watching the kittens lick each other

as orange is the new black plays

and i blog blog blog.

today is the truest’s birthday, shes 24

the truest

ive been around the block.

im pretty sure ive met the finest women alive.

ive omg even kissed some of them.

and many kissed me right back.

todays birthday girl is the one who kissed me back the most.

from frisco to france.

right now shes driving across the country from the nations capitol

back to america via texas new mexico and arizona.

she’ll be in cali in a few days on her way home to mid central southern oregon

land of the free.

the truest has a masters now in saving the world.

so if you find yourself in need

just do as i did

say a little prayer, from yr heart

and there she’ll be.

sad to see my mom and chris go home


mom squeezing hollywood

last night my mom chris jeanine and i went to kanpai and had a great time.

it was actually super fun and it was real nice to share with everyone all the good things

like melt in your mouth sushi fish

magically delicious vegetables

and a lobster roll where the lobster tells you exactly what to do to get the most out of it

lobster roll

everyone was happy because jeanine is recovering so well and shes so alive and so great again

we were also in the glow of the oscars which i was so lucky to share with chris and ma

on our drive through LA we saw big houses and talked and talked and talked

it  was so nice.

then i had to drop of chris and we cried inside cuz we still have a magic bond

and shes still so beautiful and sweet

me and the truest

and im still a tshirt wearing dope.

then me and mom had an hour to kill so we went up and down the beach and then it was time for her to fly back to the snow

so she did

and i drove home and ordered a pizza and passed out cuz i was tired.

im so lucky to have so many special people in my life and they got to hang for a little together.

now, back to work

this is probably my favorite picture of all times

me and mom at the Oscars

mom wasnt thrilled that it was raining on her as she and the truest and i walked one city block from the hotel to the red carpet, and i dont blame her.

glamour and luxury and fairytales are interwoven in the myths and pretty tales we hear about when talking about hollywood’s biggest night,

but one of the things ive tried to point out in the busblog is for every dash of beauty and magic that you find in LA, theres just as much dirt and weirdness and excrement.

and sometimes it really does rain on you on your way to the carpet.

heavy, sidewise, cold rain not in the morning when no one was here, not at night when everyone was inside, but right at the worst possible time.

JK Simmons won the Oscar later that night, but he won Most Prepared, if you ask me because he had the biggest blackest hat I saw and his head never felt a touch of the wet stuff.

the truest

when we were finally on the carpet everything changed. there was protective plastic above us and stars alllll around us. the fans in the bleachers were loud and cheered mightilly for future Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne and fan favorite Michael Keaton.

mom got to see how short Kevin Hart really is, and Chris, rightfully advised us to walk a little slower and soak it all in.


my mom said hi to Jennifer Hudson right before we got on the red carpet and told her she looked beautiful: the Oscar winner smiled and said thank you right back.

The night before the big show my mom was at the bar and complimented John Legend’s wife, Sports Illustrated cover model, Christie Tiegan by saying “your makeup is so good!” mom didn’t recognize her at all and said, “do you do other people’s makeup too? can you do ours tomorrow?”

just because i could get them into the Oscars didn’t mean i could score the best seats. they were way up in the rafters and mom asked if i should have gotten her binoculars. i panicked because she was right. i wondered how well theyd be able to see. but after the show she told me not only could she see perfectly but there were four tv screens above her all showing different camera angles.

one of the moments she loved the most, as did the world, was the performance of “Glory” by John Legend and Common. she said that from her seats she could see the singers marching towards the bridge and then across it in a better way than was broadcast on TV. she also said the sound was fantastic in the theater.

she loved Lady Gaga.

she didnt eat or drink during the show because she didnt want to have to get up to go to the bathroom.

chris, however, sampled many glasses of the complimentary champagne, just like i had a few years back.

afterwards the ladies went down to the hotel bar to party with the stars and guests of the stars who had also chosen to stay at the Loews while i continued to work, but this time at the Governors Ball.

i took some pictures for our Instagram account but was quickly told by my boss to relax and enjoy the good music of Will.I.Am, Sergio Mendes, and Solange Knowles, like Beyonce and Jay-Z were doing mere feet away. Heres a photo gallery of Getty Images on PopSugar from the Govs Ball.

got done around 1:30am, 15 hour day? mostly in a tux?

by oscars

drove past this guy on the way home and was extremely grateful to have spent some of the day with two of my favorite ladies

and was happy that they seemed to have had a good time.

now in the morning, thanks to murphys law, the sun is shining bright, as theres not a cloud in the sky.


today is my truests birthday, shes 24

i once dated a girl who got very jealous that i called chris my truest.

i said jealousy will not get me to call you that so shut it.

she said but do you love her?

i said, of course. i love all of my exgirlfriends.

and one day i will probably still love you.

she said well if thats the case then what good is your love if you just run around loving everyone.

i said running around loving everyone is what the truest does the best. she has done it in santa barbara in frisco in oregon in hawaii in san dieger in africa

and now in new mexico.

she is almost finished with getting her masters in loving the world from the university of new mexico state

and she will probably go travel the world and heal all the broken hearts of the planet

and lord knows they need healing.

we met in the island of vista on a spring night during a raging party.

i was with jeanine at the time and now they are very close friends.

we did so many things together over all of the years and im extremely grateful for all of them.

i hope she is doing well in the new part of mexico.

i hope she knows how important she is to me and to the world.

and i hope the whole chorus of angels who sings her name every time the wind breezes also whispers it in her ears from time to time.

for there is only one truest and she is magical and wonderful.

and today we celebrate the day she ascended down from heaven.

today is the truest’s birthday, shes 24

chriswhich is weird because ive known her prob 25 years.

oh details…

everyones favorite person is living in luxury in “new” mexico learning how to best save the world.

when you ask her about it she will say, oh im not saving the world, when indeed thats very much what she’s learning – she just humble.

for a long time we dated and even lived together for many years.

and i will tell you that it was during that time i needed the most saving and she accomplished that impossible mission.

we first met in college, we fell in love in frisco where we shacked up together, and later we even gave it a shot in LA.

the busblog trifecta.

infact she knew me well before the busblog, even in the black & white days before there was the series of tubes we call the web.

and still, for some reason she wants to remain friendly with me.

we traveled around the world. we met strange and unusual people together. we made hella money

and supported each other when we were hella broke.

the other day i was in frisco for the xbi and it was hard to drive around that town and not think of her and all the fun things we did there.

likewise its hard to be on the wessside and not think of all the banks we robbed together there.

not every beautiful relationship lasts forever though, as Ozzy has ought us.

sometimes you have to split from Sabbath to team up with your Randy Rhodes or Ronnie James Dio

but eventually they pass on and you reunite for a very profitable – and creative – reunion tour.

meanwhile i just hope that she is enjoying the beauty and magic of the Land of Enchantment

and i hope she knows that california and i miss her very much

especially on this, her special day

happy birthday Chris!