nothing in here is true

  1. Friday, May 4, 2018

    i had such a good day today 

    after i published my Star Wars feature for Star Wars Day, the subject, the man behind so many of the best special effects in so many of my favorite films wrote me and said i “nailed it”

    got a former Newsweek Editor who is also the former Executive Editor of Random House to make a funny video for me on the spot

    got to ask a famous talk show host about this weed vape pen and he said basically meh LOL

    spoke for about 5 minutes straight with the former CIA director and asked him what its like to tell the president to his face something that he probably wont like (he said it is uncomfortable, but it’s your duty)

    drank two glasses of delicious wine

    chatted with my buddy Matt for a little while so said it was me who introduced the nexus to the wonderfuls which created tsar and many of our lifelong friendships

    he also said that during the battle of the bad, his band the long haired leaping gnomes were playing and in front of the stage two people who he had never seen before were wrestling in the dirt and those people it turned out where dan and coulter from the wonderfuls

    ate a half of a delicious donut

    drove home with all the windows rolled down because summer has finally arrived

    thank you lord!

    for everything!

  2. Friday, July 15, 2016

    tsar’s band girls money turns 11 today 

    ive had a charmed life

    ive kissed the prettiest girls

    ive traveled the world

    you you and you have read my humble little blog.

    but one of the best parts of my life has been the friendships that ive been lucky enough to have

    and of those friends, it has been so nice to have friends who literally rock

    Tsar is comprised of friends i met in college. some from the dorms and some from the Nexus.

    and Solomon came straight from the pages of the Good Book.

    this video is from the Bootleg when they opened for Nerf Herder.

    what a great show. in part because of Dan’s mustache.

  3. Sunday, November 22, 2015

    ten years ago today tsar opened up for juliette lewis and the licks 

    juliete and the licks

    i was working for buzznet at the time and we had many missions but one of them was we wanted to inspire kids to take interesting pictures from concerts that they attended and post them on buzznet instead of myspace.

    so one of the things that i did as community manager was lead by example.

    at the office we had a canon rebel or it was mine or i bought one or they bought one for me. who knows. i used it that night.

    i ran around the troub trying to find the right spot, but it was hard, it was really dark

    juliete and the licks

    i was nervous because at the office there was a lot of strife. more specifically, i caused a lot of strife because i never kept my mouth shut. for some reason i thought it was ok for me to speak my mind. i was wrong. thus the strife. whatever, i thought im gonna just prove my points, single handed, all the time and then people will start believing that i know what im talking about.

    juliete and the licksjuliete and the licks

    but i was wrong again. nothing i did convinced anyone.

    juliete and the licks

    weirdly, i had experienced something like this before in my life, when i was younger.

    i learned that this was going to be a no-win situation.

    when i realized it, i started getting super sick. like puking all the time.

    symbolism for all the things i was stifling all of a sudden.

    juliete and the licks

    but at the tsar / juliette lewis show i felt fantastic. i knew that no matter how good my pics were someone was gonna say something dumb.

    juliete and the licks

    but i knew that in ten years id look at them and id say, damn, those are the best canon rebel pics of a tsar show ever.

    juliete and the licks

    after i got fired i got a job at LAist and everyone lived happily ever after.

  4. Friday, October 30, 2015

    the other week i agreed be part of a story + poetry reading + rock show 

    poetry reading

    no one wants to be the guy reading the poem at such an affair.

    especially me.

    but it’s being organized by my favorite drummer in rock, Steve Tsar.

    also it’s nice to have your comfort zones stretched.

    i dont like reading my poems. like my niece, i dont like being the centre of attention.

    i like sitting in my helicopter at about 5,000 feet and blogging once or twice a day and veering off into the night and fighting crime anonymously.

    then i like to eat soul food with a pretty girl and lick the bbq sauce off her finger tips.

    i dont think im a very good writer. i dont know how i got in the college of creative studies. i dont know how i got in the nexus.

    i dont know why LAist hired me and i for damn sure dont know how the LA Times hired me and let me write on their political blog.

    and for surely sure i know i cant write a poem to save my life.

    i do know though that poems make girls take off their pants – even the bad ones, which is why i will write a brand new epic poem for this fiesta.

    i know exactly what it will be about, it will be about this conversation i had with a gang member drug dealer i met in south central the other day

    and how we talked about having girlfriends who wanted us to lick their asses.

    because i think poems and poetry readings are painfully boring, i think i will name this poem

    tony please wont you eat my ass.

    because if i was at a story / poetry reading / rock show and some weirdo got on stage with a cubs hat

    and said this one is called tony please wont you eat my ass, i might actually pay some attention

    even though i dont like attention, even though i cant write and even though i will be betraying the trust of someone who was once dear to me

    who asked me to do her that favor since she obvs couldnt do it herself.

    now the easy part: writing the epic poem. which i will do as close to the event as possible in order to freak myself out. thanks.

  5. Wednesday, July 15, 2015

    an argument for copy and pasting from other sites on the web 

    tsar band girls moneywhen i was at the LAT there were some people who would get very uptight if blogs or other websites would copy and paste our copyrighted content and put it on their sites.

    but as i briefly went through this post about Tsar’s second album, Band, Girls, Money, which came out 10 years ago this week, I noticed that hardly any of the links worked any more.

    which made me glad that i copy and pasted the rave reviews from a decade ago because they wouldnt exist any more.

    if publishers are going to continue to be irresponsible about preserving their work, why should bloggers and others link to them assuming the content will be up there forever?

    the odds are that blogs, not professional sites, will have the content up longer. and isnt the point of all of this to honor the work?

    with that said, if anyone wants to copy and paste any of my genius in the busblog, go for it. i cant predict what will happen ten years from now. even though this blog has been up since 2001, there have been times when some of it has fallen off the server because of previous CMS issues and hosting problems.

    so what a better way to keep the messages and ideas alive than to have some sort of redundancy.

    because, after all, what Billboard, the LA Weekly and other outlets thought about Tsar 10 years ago DOES matter and our children’s children should know about it even if i get hit by a bus and this domain lapses into (greater) obscurity.

    with that said, holy crap, BAND GIRLS MONEY IS 10 YEARS OLD?!?!?! MAMA MIA!

    i remember being very excited that Tsar had decided that their self titled debut, while being lovely, was a little soft due to the production and the fact that Disney wanted to see if the hard rock band would become more popular if they mellowed it all out a smidge.

    the followup, B-G-M, was the opposite of soft. it was balls to the wall rock music. even the lyrics had edge. it was the dual guitar attack that we all saw in the small clubs from Spaceland to Hell’s Gate and there it was on wax, er, plastic. and it was beautiful.

    while the debut was baby blue with clouds, this one was BLACK (with a hint of pink as a nod to their glam influences). BUT IT WAS BLACK. and funny and fast and rocking.

    this is the record i play the most when i play Tsar and I can’t believe it’s a decade old.

  6. Thursday, March 27, 2014

    a super star of stage and screen just gchatted me 

    harry carayand said why dont you have any tattoos

    i said omg if the bible allowed tattoos id have so many dumb and weird ones

    for sure id have one for the Daily Nexus

    probably one of my english teacher Robyn

    tons about the cubs, AC/DC, the replacements and Tsar

    probably my moms birthday on my heart

    93117 in gothic across my buff back

    it wouldnt end

    maybe some bukowski quotes like sass has

    screw it, why not a whole poem.

    one behind my neck that says if lost return to 6850 Del Playa

    maybe one on my chest thats a recreation of my drivers license

    a bible verse or three

    a picture of angus young

    maybe on my belly something that looks like tacos going into my large intestine.

    and yes, a tattoo of my kidney right around my faulty kidney

    and of course the harry caray logo on my shoulder right where the cubs had the patch because there was only one harry and i hope people never forget him because we should all have that sort of boundless energy inside of us.

  7. Monday, September 2, 2013

    september 2nd thru history on the busblog 

    hayleys wedding

    2001 – a look back at summer

    2002 – me chris and jeanine go to an art opening

    2003 – UCSB gets named one of the 12 hottest colleges in the usa

    2004 – the president calls me an ignorant slut

    2005 – kanye west says the president doesn’t care about black people

    2006 – lou reed sings sunday morning on letterman

    2007 – my 25 favorite august LAist posts

    2008 – the top post on reddit was about the Palin family and privacy. i give my two cents. art by alie ward.

    2009 – it was super hot in LA that week. some things never change.

    2010 – 10 things i miss about frisco

    2011 – in vegas minding my own business with a canadian when the xbi asked me to stop quoting them

    2012 – hayley got married, tsar played across town, fun was had and ive got video

  8. Monday, April 29, 2013

    went hiking today because i drank so much this weekend 


    the view was aaaaight


    first i went to runyon but on Mondays theres street cleaning from noon to 2 and i was there at 1 so i drove to The Greek


    but i saw this super lo-fi street art that screamed “buy more shit. more more more” and i was all, this is perfect for LA


    so when i passed this atm i yelled BUY MORE CRAP MORE MORE MORE


    and then i bought three dusty grills and a cooler. lucky me, the cooler was full of vintage porn. sadly it was of me. god im old.


    so i went hiking cuz bikini season is right around the corner and omg im a whale.


    made it to the top of Mt. Hollywood no prob which is weird cuz i havent exercised in weeks. i’ll tell you weds if im hurting.


    i wonder if johnny appleseed planted those palm trees


    i wonder if johnny applefence made this fence


    for sure johnny apple mason made this meeting hall where tsar should play and we take over kcsb and air it and go to jail.

  9. Sunday, March 24, 2013
  10. Sunday, March 17, 2013

    omg is that Lauren Rocket in the Dirty Girls doc? 

    lauren rocket

    something that went mini viral this week was a 17 year old documentary called “Dirty Girls”

    about some 13 year old, relatively affluent westside 8th graders who were acting out by being


    smelly and stinky and unfeminine.

    in the DIY low-budget doc, made by a high school senior, we meet two sisters who are no dummies.

    they align themselves with the riot grrls of the 90s

    and are influenced by kurt cobain’s post punk self loathing/self empowerment.

    but stealing the show is their friend, a doe eyed blonde, who the world now knows as Lauren Rocket.


    while still in high school lauren clark, lauren rocket, and their friend lauren, formed the all girl band Rocket


    they got on an american idol tv show on Fox for bands,

    and despite that toured the country

    rocket at sxsw

    played at sxsw’s most prestigious party of 2006,


    and rocked for years

    Rocket at the 3 Clubs

    but then tragically broke up right as it seemed like their new lineup was poised to take it all to the next level


    Lauren has been in a few other bands since Rocket, most recently an oufit called Lavinia Slaughter

    she also found a bunch of old Rolling Stones pics at a flea market last year and turned it into an art show

    and now, this week, shes back in the public discussion.

    her 8th grade self is, at least.

    as BFF of the dirty girls.

    which, if anything, gave us my new favorite word: