nothing in here is true

  1. Thursday, March 27, 2014

    a super star of stage and screen just gchatted me 

    harry carayand said why dont you have any tattoos

    i said omg if the bible allowed tattoos id have so many dumb and weird ones

    for sure id have one for the Daily Nexus

    probably one of my english teacher Robyn

    tons about the cubs, AC/DC, the replacements and Tsar

    probably my moms birthday on my heart

    93117 in gothic across my buff back

    it wouldnt end

    maybe some bukowski quotes like sass has

    screw it, why not a whole poem.

    one behind my neck that says if lost return to 6850 Del Playa

    maybe one on my chest thats a recreation of my drivers license

    a bible verse or three

    a picture of angus young

    maybe on my belly something that looks like tacos going into my large intestine.

    and yes, a tattoo of my kidney right around my faulty kidney

    and of course the harry caray logo on my shoulder right where the cubs had the patch because there was only one harry and i hope people never forget him because we should all have that sort of boundless energy inside of us.

  2. Monday, September 2, 2013

    september 2nd thru history on the busblog 

    hayleys wedding

    2001 – a look back at summer

    2002 – me chris and jeanine go to an art opening

    2003 – UCSB gets named one of the 12 hottest colleges in the usa

    2004 – the president calls me an ignorant slut

    2005 – kanye west says the president doesn’t care about black people

    2006 – lou reed sings sunday morning on letterman

    2007 – my 25 favorite august LAist posts

    2008 – the top post on reddit was about the Palin family and privacy. i give my two cents. art by alie ward.

    2009 – it was super hot in LA that week. some things never change.

    2010 – 10 things i miss about frisco

    2011 – in vegas minding my own business with a canadian when the xbi asked me to stop quoting them

    2012 – hayley got married, tsar played across town, fun was had and ive got video

  3. Monday, April 29, 2013

    went hiking today because i drank so much this weekend 


    the view was aaaaight


    first i went to runyon but on Mondays theres street cleaning from noon to 2 and i was there at 1 so i drove to The Greek


    but i saw this super lo-fi street art that screamed “buy more shit. more more more” and i was all, this is perfect for LA


    so when i passed this atm i yelled BUY MORE CRAP MORE MORE MORE


    and then i bought three dusty grills and a cooler. lucky me, the cooler was full of vintage porn. sadly it was of me. god im old.


    so i went hiking cuz bikini season is right around the corner and omg im a whale.


    made it to the top of Mt. Hollywood no prob which is weird cuz i havent exercised in weeks. i’ll tell you weds if im hurting.


    i wonder if johnny appleseed planted those palm trees


    i wonder if johnny applefence made this fence


    for sure johnny apple mason made this meeting hall where tsar should play and we take over kcsb and air it and go to jail.

  4. Sunday, March 24, 2013
  5. Sunday, March 17, 2013

    omg is that Lauren Rocket in the Dirty Girls doc? 

    lauren rocket

    something that went mini viral this week was a 17 year old documentary called “Dirty Girls”

    about some 13 year old, relatively affluent westside 8th graders who were acting out by being


    smelly and stinky and unfeminine.

    in the DIY low-budget doc, made by a high school senior, we meet two sisters who are no dummies.

    they align themselves with the riot grrls of the 90s

    and are influenced by kurt cobain’s post punk self loathing/self empowerment.

    but stealing the show is their friend, a doe eyed blonde, who the world now knows as Lauren Rocket.


    while still in high school lauren clark, lauren rocket, and their friend lauren, formed the all girl band Rocket


    they got on an american idol tv show on Fox for bands,

    and despite that toured the country

    rocket at sxsw

    played at sxsw’s most prestigious party of 2006,


    and rocked for years

    Rocket at the 3 Clubs

    but then tragically broke up right as it seemed like their new lineup was poised to take it all to the next level


    Lauren has been in a few other bands since Rocket, most recently an oufit called Lavinia Slaughter

    she also found a bunch of old Rolling Stones pics at a flea market last year and turned it into an art show

    and now, this week, shes back in the public discussion.

    her 8th grade self is, at least.

    as BFF of the dirty girls.

    which, if anything, gave us my new favorite word:


  6. Saturday, January 12, 2013

    tsar and nerfherder played the bootleg again friday 

    bree had never seen tsar before and tsar delivered big time.

    because LA is really a small place my coworker sanden totten just happened to be there

    and he also had never seen Tsar and loved them so much he bought the new cd and their b-sides.

    he used to be a punk rock singer so its pretty high praise to just be at a show

    and be so blown away by a band you know nothing about that you buy everything theyve got.

    so im gonna make him a little spotify playlist to highlight the highlights.

    i hope tsar tours all over california so everyone can love them.

    oh look, they are:


  7. Friday, December 14, 2012

    went to my first latka party last night 


    lisa had a latka party to celebrate the 6th crazy night of hanukkah


    turns out at latka parties cute girls fry up potato treats for you and make brisket sandwiches and you drink


    if i had stayed longer (which i wanted to) i probably woulda taken a bath (which i wanted to)


    but Tsar was playing a sold out show at the El Cid so, you know, had to rock out.


    Tsar rocked so hard Coulter kicked a hole in his kick drum. Shalom!

  8. Saturday, December 8, 2012

    tsar is playing at the El Cid on Thirsty Thursday 

    to celebrate, heres a video someone brought to my attention today

    you can see a certain spaz spazzing out in a cubs hat on the bottom left of the screen

    this was at the Bootleg Bar a few months back

    i had just witnessed the beautiful wedding of hayley and joaquin and sped over to the rock

    tsar and nerf herder blew us all away and had us floating home with joy

    when joy sobered up she jumped out the window

  9. Monday, November 26, 2012

    all i have to do is post three times a day for the rest of the year 

    and this will be the most prolific year

    of the world famous busblog.

    i dont know how this happened.

    a famous man once said:

    good life, bad blog;

    bad life, great blog.

    was this year really that bad?

    the worst in 11 years of busblogging?

    rung in the new year spooning with a cute girl.

    all year i only puked out of the side of a cab

    while wearing makeup once.

    got to go to wrigley field for the first time in years. and it was heavenly.

    saw: dylan, van halen, dinosaur, guns, the hives, sea wolf, nerf herder and tsar.

    perhaps the advent of easy to use mobile posting via wordpress helped.

    or maybe theres an inordinate amount of inspiration flowing in this town.

    ninjas be laying it out.

    look out.

  10. Sunday, October 28, 2012

    so yeah Tsar played an Elementary School saturday morning 

    was only a buck to get in

    it only cost a buck

    Abraham Solomon

    abraham solomon was there

    kids love Tsar, little known fact

    kids love Tsar, little known fact

    kids love Tsar, little known fact

    even very little ones

    but they kept their distance

    i tried to tell the children that there was nothing to fear from the dual guitar attack,
    if anything you should embrace it, but as the replacements song says kids wont listen

    eventually more kids and parents came and hid beneath the shade section

    even some of the older fans hid in another shade section

    Jeff Tsar said mid-song “hey we want a shade section!”

    kings of the school

    but even in the shade two of the little girls weren’t happy with the new tune “Police Station”,

    tsar school

    later they screamed for “Little Women”.

    and Jeff was all, if you can spell it, we’ll play it. which isn’t real fair when heckling 4 yr old fans

    i forgot to get a tshirt

    coulter’s bass drum had one on, i was hella jeals


    eventually the kids came back when Jeff asked if anyone wanted to be in their first slam pit,

    but the principal said no pits, so Tsar said ADIOS PUMPKIN FESTIVAL!

    and they left the stage

    the end!