nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, January 12, 2013

    tsar and nerfherder played the bootleg again friday 

    bree had never seen tsar before and tsar delivered big time.

    because LA is really a small place my coworker sanden totten just happened to be there

    and he also had never seen Tsar and loved them so much he bought the new cd and their b-sides.

    he used to be a punk rock singer so its pretty high praise to just be at a show

    and be so blown away by a band you know nothing about that you buy everything theyve got.

    so im gonna make him a little spotify playlist to highlight the highlights.

    i hope tsar tours all over california so everyone can love them.

    oh look, they are:


  2. Friday, December 14, 2012

    went to my first latka party last night 


    lisa had a latka party to celebrate the 6th crazy night of hanukkah


    turns out at latka parties cute girls fry up potato treats for you and make brisket sandwiches and you drink


    if i had stayed longer (which i wanted to) i probably woulda taken a bath (which i wanted to)


    but Tsar was playing a sold out show at the El Cid so, you know, had to rock out.


    Tsar rocked so hard Coulter kicked a hole in his kick drum. Shalom!

  3. Saturday, December 8, 2012

    tsar is playing at the El Cid on Thirsty Thursday 

    to celebrate, heres a video someone brought to my attention today

    you can see a certain spaz spazzing out in a cubs hat on the bottom left of the screen

    this was at the Bootleg Bar a few months back

    i had just witnessed the beautiful wedding of hayley and joaquin and sped over to the rock

    tsar and nerf herder blew us all away and had us floating home with joy

    when joy sobered up she jumped out the window

  4. Monday, November 26, 2012

    all i have to do is post three times a day for the rest of the year 

    and this will be the most prolific year

    of the world famous busblog.

    i dont know how this happened.

    a famous man once said:

    good life, bad blog;

    bad life, great blog.

    was this year really that bad?

    the worst in 11 years of busblogging?

    rung in the new year spooning with a cute girl.

    all year i only puked out of the side of a cab

    while wearing makeup once.

    got to go to wrigley field for the first time in years. and it was heavenly.

    saw: dylan, van halen, dinosaur, guns, the hives, sea wolf, nerf herder and tsar.

    perhaps the advent of easy to use mobile posting via wordpress helped.

    or maybe theres an inordinate amount of inspiration flowing in this town.

    ninjas be laying it out.

    look out.

  5. Sunday, October 28, 2012

    so yeah Tsar played an Elementary School saturday morning 

    was only a buck to get in

    it only cost a buck

    Abraham Solomon

    abraham solomon was there

    kids love Tsar, little known fact

    kids love Tsar, little known fact

    kids love Tsar, little known fact

    even very little ones

    but they kept their distance

    i tried to tell the children that there was nothing to fear from the dual guitar attack,
    if anything you should embrace it, but as the replacements song says kids wont listen

    eventually more kids and parents came and hid beneath the shade section

    even some of the older fans hid in another shade section

    Jeff Tsar said mid-song “hey we want a shade section!”

    kings of the school

    but even in the shade two of the little girls weren’t happy with the new tune “Police Station”,

    tsar school

    later they screamed for “Little Women”.

    and Jeff was all, if you can spell it, we’ll play it. which isn’t real fair when heckling 4 yr old fans

    i forgot to get a tshirt

    coulter’s bass drum had one on, i was hella jeals


    eventually the kids came back when Jeff asked if anyone wanted to be in their first slam pit,

    but the principal said no pits, so Tsar said ADIOS PUMPKIN FESTIVAL!

    and they left the stage

    the end!

  6. Saturday, October 27, 2012
  7. Thursday, October 18, 2012
  8. Friday, September 14, 2012

    hot enough for ye 

    the heat killed the ac at work

    so we all went to our cars and rolled the windows up

    cuz even that was cooler.

    have i mentioned the new tsar is growing on me big time?

    true story

  9. Monday, September 3, 2012

    three concerts in three nights? what am i 18? 

    friday night the bill was those darlins

    old 97s

    and the old 97s.

    the show was good but you know what was better?

    getting to meet Nikki Darlin after the gig

    karisa with hot dogs

    and karisa stealing the bacon wrapped hot dog cart for my backyard.

    perry gripp of nerf herder

    saturday night was nerf herder

    tsar at the bootleg

    and rock group tsar.

    hi kim

    even kim was there. hi kim!

    nerf herder played all the hits including Van Halen

    i woke up sunday with my voice shot and a half bottle of jd next to my bed.

    xbi called me and said something about fyf fest

    dance tent at fyf fest

    which stands for the fuck yeah fest fest. which had a dance tent, a few rock stages

    jmascis at fyf fest

    dinosaur f’ing jr. (blowing henry rollins’ mind) and many others.

    i brought my new camera in case i wanted to take pics of some cool tshirts.

    never forget

    my day began and ended when i met this nice gentleman. cuz really, how ya gonna beat that one?


  10. Sunday, September 2, 2012

    tsar played the bootleg bar last night 

    its now 1:30pm and im just recovering.

    my voice is shot from singing to both your favorite band and santa barbaras own nerf herder who headlined.

    the place was packed, a miracle because the FYF fest was happening just 3 miles away.

    also 3 miles away was hayley fox marring her handsome man joaquin

    hayleys wedding

    it was a great wedding and once the dancing began i hightailed it to historic filipino town

    where so many of my friends were and it was so nice.

    tsar ripped it up. theres something about a rock club FILLED with people.

    two weeks ago the boys played outside in the middle of a neighborhood.

    it was great but the acoustics of a rock club: you feel the bass

    theres no hiding from the spirit. it gets in you, bounces off the wall

    and slaps you in the back of the head.

    in a sweet way.

    i was blown away but recovered for a moment to capture Straight on my iphone

    enjoy two minutes of what your momma dreamed youd experience one day:

    (Whalen, Kern)
    Band, Girls, Money
    TVT Records

    People try to talk, try to waste my time
    Everybody tryin’ tryin’ put the weight on my mind
    So I fake it till I’ll make it like i don’t understand
    Got a chemical smile, I’m a mustache man.

    And I’m straight!
    In each and every way
    People come for miles to hear me say
    I’m straight!
    I bend like a stick
    Going out with a bang, coming in with the clique.

    Cause I’m straight!!!
    straight!!! x3
    And I’m!

    People think they straight, but they bend like a hook
    (???)Super dirtied and aborted every trick in the book
    Gonna give you little minute, give your bounce a mound (/???)
    There’s something here to steal for everyone.

    And I’m!! straight!!
    And this is the style
    Every Dianetic on the Miracle Mile knows I’m straight.
    I say “hell yeah!”
    Going through the devil, like a bat outta hell!

    straight!! x4
    And the whole world has to answer right now
    tell you once again who’s straight!

    There’s gonna come a day, maybe wont be long
    flippin’ through the funny papers of who’s come and gone.
    you try to find a meaning in the message i leave.
    find out I’m straight, and well beyond belief

    straight!! x2
    straight! straight! straight! x2