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  1. Thursday, June 23, 2016

    shout out to the inventors of periscope 

    periscope founderswhen kayvon beykpour and joe bernstein invented periscope, the simple way to record and stream video through a mobile device,

    they probably never thought that their little app would find its way in the Well of the House of Representatives so lawmakers could document their peaceful protest after that brave Republican Paul Ryan shut down the C-SPAN cameras

    because he’s such a great leader

    and should probably be president of the united states.

    a few years ago periscope was acquired by Twitter which was a match made in digital Heaven because periscope piggybacks perfectly on twitter, alerting all of your twitter followers that you are broadcasting

    which is what happened yesterday when a few of the Congresspeople realized that they could bypass the Speaker Ryan bravery by simply broadcasting themselves

    from their phones.

    i dont know why kayvon beykpour and joe bernstein arent doing a victory lap around tv shows right now

    their invention helped make the #holdthefloor protest something that people around the world could see

    even the courageous Paul Ryan who probably watched it on CSPAN

    (who, once their cameras were shut off by the GOP, linked up to the periscope feed and broadcasted that).

    bros deserve some props today.

    the busblog salutes them.

  2. Saturday, March 12, 2016

    i have many faults 

    gwen stefaniand one of them is that when someone calls me out on twitter or facebook or whereever, i have a very hard time ignoring them.

    as a gentleman, i believe it’s proper form to return a volley

    but last night something interesting happened. a troll who had trolled me once before was up to his old tricks and every now and then id pull over and reply to his nonsense.

    early in the conversation i realized that he had 68 followers, which is nearly impossible.

    just by signing up and alerting all of your “friends” you should immediately have a few hundred followers

    unless you are full of crap and not who you claim to be.

    so instead of engaging him with his bizarre attempt at mockery as he suggested i was unemployed and collecting benefits, i told him that those were exactly the types of things that prevents one from having a healthy twitter presence and that i would like to enter into a wager with him that my two adorable cats could gain a larger twitter following in a week than this fellow currently has.

    i drove and moved on but an hour or two later a friend asked he who was that troll? so i checked his twitter to see if he had said something new to inspire that question, when i discovered he had completely deleted his account!

    and then it occurred to me what i had suspected all along: if you have fewer than 200 followers you are probably a fraud or a phony or someone up to no good and you should be ignored. this man “Dan” had obviously created the account to rant at strangers and then when the going gets tough he deletes his deal and runs home.

    what a waste of time for all parties involved.

    so thats my new rule: no bickering with fools with less than 250 followers because it’s probably dick cheney.

  3. Wednesday, October 28, 2015
  4. Thursday, December 18, 2014

    last night live tweeting so many ppl were all oh yeah tony go! 

    fingerand then there was one guy who was all wait

    are you really sad that the drunk driver who stole the car

    and led the cops from hollywood to malibu

    while recklessly driving on sidewalks and the wrong direction of the pch

    did get shot to death at the end?

    i wanted to explain to him how there are a lot of other ways a car chase can end that would properly entertain and satisfy me.

    i wanted to type that blood and guts are not the only outcomes of car chases in fact any experienced car chase watcher knows that most endings dont conclude with blood.

    did i want the cops to shoot him? hell yes.

    but not because im blood thirsty, in fact the opposite.

    i wanted the cops to shoot him because i was afraid he was gonna kill innocent people.

    bro was speeding faster down Melrose than I ever saw any one drive.

    and you realize this is 2014: people have headphones on, theyre looking at their stupid phones, they’re high, they’re drunk, there are so many ways a clueless Los Angeleno can accidentally walk out in the middle of a sleepy Melrose Avenue at 10pm, never thinking that a car could be barreling down the road at 100 MPH

    yes, shoot that guy.

    and if you dont kill him, maybe you will let him know you mean business. remind him that this isnt a video game. and let the next guy know you’re not just gonna get a few traffic tickets.

    ironically, right as this anonymous negative tweeter was calling me names, down in redondo beach over a dozen pedestrians including a baby were hit by a car driven by a drunk driver. four people died.

    im sorry Occupy LA didn’t work out for you. im sorry you’re butthurt that sometimes cops do bad things. im black, you dont have to remind me that cops arent always the superheroes of the world.

    but you know who are villains every single time: drunk drivers speeding around pedestrians.

    if you want to debate me about that, put your name next to your dumbshit tweet and we can have a real debate between two human beings. until then you’re just a dumbshit troll with his head up his ass trying to kill my vibe on twitter.

     previously: live tweeting the car chase of the week

  5. Wednesday, December 17, 2014
  6. Saturday, June 21, 2014

    best LA Times Shareline ever 

    dov charney LA Times

    one of the smartest things about the new LA Times redesign is Sharelines.

    most websites have one suggested twitter headline that’s usually a dull version of the original web hed

    but one of the new duties (I imagine) for LAT web producers is to think of three alternative headlines that would work best on Twitter to encourage retweets and clickthrus.

    these three on today’s story about recently booted always entertaining American Apparel CEO Dov Charney show how different suggested tweets would fit three different types of readers.

    that last one tho: instant classic.

  7. Sunday, March 23, 2014
  8. Monday, March 17, 2014
  9. Friday, December 27, 2013

    frost bandit, busblog man of the year 

    hopes santa dies in a fire

    at first glance one could easily look at wednesdays tweet from “Frost” and think

    this is why the terrorists hate us: we whine about getting an inferior game system

    instead of the amazing gift kris kringle shimmied down our fireplace.

    but on deeper inspection it had this blogger thinking

    in what ways am i like @FrostBandit, and how can i improve on that in the coming new year?

    do i look at a glass half full and think

    “glass? wheres my red solo cup”?

    i”ll work on accepting the good tidings with joy in 2014

    instead of complaining via twitter that it wasn’t exactly what i thought i wanted.

    cuz for all i know it might be better.

    so, thank you @FrostBandit!

  10. Thursday, November 7, 2013

    today is the day ev became a billionaire 

    me and eveons ago i read an article about ev williams and his new free software for blogging called Blogger.

    it seemed perfect for me so i signed up in july of 2001 and in august the busblog began rolling. i wasnt the only one who used the platform, millions did.

    so many that in feb of 2003 ev sold blogger to google.

    soon he left google to start another thing, Odeo, which was about podcasting or blogging by telephone with a product that posted audio on your blog.

    in a strange but interesting move, not long after Odeo was funded, ev returned the money to his investors, plus interest, in a way that everyone was financially happy about.

    i interviewed him at his SF office about it, but of course i put it on a Yahoo video hosting service that no long exists, and naturally i cant find the original right now cuz im an idiot.

    in that interview he mentioned something about Twitter and later at SXSW he, Biz, and Jason Goldman tried to explain to me what Twitter was. That 2006 interview was also on the Yahoo video hosting site and I no longer have easy access to that either.

    But what I remember is we were all drunk, they were happy because Twitter won all these Webby and Bloggy awards and the service was a huge hit at SXSW. I asked them how they felt Twitter could be used outside of party zones like Austin and they explained it to me: but i didn’t fully understand.

    Like, at all.

    In fact I felt so little use for Twitter that I don’t think i signed up for it until like a year after that drunken night.

    Here we are in 2013 and Twitter’s IPO just went off to a smashing success, opening at 26, closing at 44.90, making all of the founders super rich, and turning Ev into a billionaire. “overnight.”

    i’ve often said that i owe Ev everything. i had a pretty successful website before blogging, but blogging and blogger.com catapulted me into a place i never dreamed id ever be.

    today it looks like Ev was paid back for all the good he helped all of us achieve. And by Ev, of course I mean he and his team.

    God bless the Internet