got a phone call today at 11am, whattya doing?


i answered, well today is saturday, im resting up so i can uber all night.

dude on the phone, one dave coehlo, said, wanna do the public address for the ucla baseball team today?

my first response was, are you kidding? hell no. ive never done that in my life.

but dave persisted and said they were in a bind and really needed me.

two hours later there i was at jackie robinson stadium


i met with the lovely rayna who introduced me to the official scorer, the scoreboard lady, the scoreboard dude, and the music guy.

we went over the promotional things they wanted me to say in between innings,

the pronunciations of everyones names, and how the mics worked. all of that took 15 minutes.

then they asked me if i wanted anything. i said yes a hot dog and a bottle of water.

20 minutes later i was welcoming everyone to the game and asking them to stand, take off their caps, and rise to honor america


yes i misprounced a few peoples names, and did some things wrong. yes the mic picked up some of the chatter in the booth.

and yes they switched out that mic and we worked on a way so it sounded better and despite the fact that ucla got crushed 8-0

i had a really fun time even though i was scared to death every minute of the 3 hour game.

you seriously cannot eat during the game because at any moment you might have to say something to the crowd.

but the best was in the 5th inning, this 6 year old girl and her parents came in the booth

and she announced the bottom of the 5th

better than me.


would i do it again: yes.

do i think they will have me back again: nope.

do i have much greater respect for PA people everywhere now: oh hell yes.

why do we post things in public

other than my sister i was the only black kid in school till i got to high school. there was this guy or this girl who’d pop into school for a year or two but they rarely stayed long.

in high school the percentage was even worse. and at uc santa barbara there was the basketball team, mc peace, the associated students president, and the brothas at the two black frats.

so trust me, i know that some people are racist.

and im ok with that.

if we are to accept each other for our different skin colors, we should probably also start trying to be ok with the differences in our minds too.

not everyone is on the same path as you. or as far along as you.

not only am i far behind most of you, but i tend to lallygag on the way. ask all of my friends with children.

so im not uptight with the blonde girl from ucla who uttered some racially insensitive thoughts on youtube. statements so insensitive the chancellor of the university also apologized.

im not uptight because young people are young. clearly she doesnt know too many asians and there she is on a campus where people from all over the world are figuring out things too, and also being young, which sometimes means talking on the phone. hi.

what i wish people would focus on more in this story is not the obvious (young people be crazy), but the sad which is why did she have the urge to record herself ranting and then throwing it on youtube.

i love exhibitionists as much as the next veteran blogger. and its true an attractive and curvy blonde ucla co-ed is going to get more attention from a youtube rant than a facebook status update. but do we really want global attention for making fun of people?

i have way more to say about this but The Situation is on the Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump now and i hear he’s horrible.

ucla, representing

ok thats not fair.

just as not fair as “Page” was to ucla asians.

see how that works?

craziest part of this story: the ucla chancellor had to make a video of his own to apologize on behalf of the school.

so glad i never became a Bruin.

sure some of my best friends went there, but so did some absolute royal dbags.

as hard as it is to get into that school, they sure let a few choice people slide in there.

heres the problem with cute girls and beautiful campuses:

its whats inside that matters way more.

omg: this remix totally rules. That was fast!

dear tony,

we know you’re bummed and we want to make you happy.

we know you’re a big fan of our music and of j mascis and pavement and mike watt and eddie vedder and we have brought them all and many more to Westwood for a three day weekend and we want to entertain you.

it’s $50 for one day or $100 for the whole enchelada. please come.

we tried to get Mariah cuz we know how much she means to you, but she was busy, we tried to get AC/DC because we know how much you love them but they are recording a new record.

we tried to get your friends, Tsar, but they would wipe the stage with us, so please accept what we have to offer, which is basically just us and some very cool bands like Cat Power and Television and that super crazy Japanese noise band The Boredoms.

If you cant find a date, we’ll hook your skinny ass up.

love always,

Sonic Youth