today i didnt jump for joy after making a video

i procrastinated all day

talked to two homeless guys

talked to my mom

walked around

wrote a blog post about getting vaxxed

three of my friends are not vaxxed and one of them wanted to push my buttons about my stance.

finally i got around to doing work

why do i procrastinate THAT?

i know why

because i am so scared it wont take off one day

and i’ll have to go back and do crappy work

with bosses who dont appreciate me

and then that’ll be it with my life

granted, thats a lot of pressure to put on a dumb podcast

and maybe thats one reason i do everythign i can to make it rock

instagram, website, videos,

on top of the podcast

and its not dumb, fyi

the one that drops today will be the most emotional one yet

but will people notice?

will they say i was good?

the man was crying and i — was i sensitive?

they say Libras are the worst people to cry around because we dont have emotions

we cant. we’re supposed to be the rock in the storm

the center of the hurricane.

and i’ll tell you this much: i fucking love being the center of the hurricane

rage, dude


phyllis diller rest in peace

as it lays is one of the best interview shows around

theyre doing something new.

their first interview was with vidal sasson.

some of the interviews are great, some arent because the guests dont always get it.

phyllis’ was good because you get the impression that shes keeping it real

i feel like i know what the last little while of her pro life was like.

im glad she lived so long, and that she was uniquely herself in her career.

even Hitler is worried about next week’s Carmaggedon

i usually skip right past these Hitler Rants vids,

but being a long time Angeleno this one had me LOLing.

for those of you who dont live here, they’re going to close a long stretch of the busiest freeway in the world

for two days so they can tear down a bridge and do several things so that one lane on one side of the freeway can be added.

it wont take two days, it will take two years to complete, but the two days are needed for the bridge

or so they can play bridge, or something. not quite sure. i should read the paper.

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you know who should be the biggest rock stars right now?

quiet company. duh.

when leah said she was getting married i was all are you even old enough to drink?

even now, years after she got hitched to taylor, if i was a bartender i wouldnt server.

when i met the gentleman in question in person i was all ok solid dude

but when i saw and heard the band live


last year i saw them at sxsw but i missed them when the played the night before

of course that was the night bill murray was in the audience and danced around

i saw them play in a teen center of some sort.

if kings of leon can headline coachella,

quiet company should be on right before ’em.