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    weird satanist guy began as weird gamer guy 

    today the web is aflutter with this video from a verbose bearded gentleman who


    is pretty damn funny with his crazy ticks and well-rehearsed monologues

    but he didn’t just spring up from the River Styx and into our hearts

    he first hit the web here in LA back in 2012 as weird gamer guy


    so is it all an act? does he really worship Satan? what about Diablo?

    does he ever shave his beard?

    will he soon have a late night talk show where he welcomes other satanist video game players who talk as weirdly wonderfully as he does?

    or will he just run the jewels

  6. Tuesday, March 11, 2014
  7. Thursday, April 11, 2013

    the weird moments in YouTube history of the Daytona Cubs 

    Jorge Soler

    yesterday Cuban defector and #1 Cubs prospect Jorge Soler did something practically impossible

    he made us think about the Daytona Cubs.

    even though he just turned 21 a couple of months ago, he’s on the first year of a 9-year $30 million contract with the chicago cubs.

    they dont give 9 year $30 million contracts to 21 year olds normally, but bro isn’t your normal guy. he’s a beast with the bat both between the lines and outside of it.

    in the young season the 6-foot-4 jorge is batting .435 with two homers.

    yesterday in Daytona Beach he slid into 2nd and either got stepped on by Clearwater Threshers’ second baseman, or they had words with one another and before you could say Con los terroristas there was a bench clearing brawl between the two Class A minor league squads.

    “Soler slid hard to break up a DP. The second baseman didn’t like it and said something” Julio Zuleta wrote in the comments of the Cubs blog Bleacher Nation. “They shoved each other. Javy broke it up. Benches cleared, everyone went back to dugout (including Soler).”

    And then one of the building blocks of The Great Chicago Cubs World Series Champs of 2015 did this, which is what all got us to think of the Daytona Cubs:

    “Soler then left the dugout with a bat, walked across the diamond and hit the [Clearwater dugout] wall, I believe he only hit it once. The announcers speculated it’d be a week suspension. I’d guess two.” according to Zuleta.

    Nobody seems to have any video of this brawl and subsequent “personal delivery” which is surprising because the Daytona Cubs have served up two classic videos in recent years.

    Remember when this weird drunk heckler guy was tased while being recorded by these giggling super fans?

    how about when Daytona Cubs organist Derek Dye was ejected from the game?

    seems to me that if ever there was a minor league baseball team that will produce a video of something bizarre happening in a game it’s gonna be the daytona cubs.