nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, December 6, 2014

    white cops kill unarmed black men, cops dont face trial 

    waveswhen you grow up black, especially with a huge afro, especially in an all white neighborhood, you learn a few things

    mostly from your relatives who grew up in the south.

    keep your hands out of your pockets in stores
    dont browse for too long
    dont put anything in your pockets
    always get a receipt
    dont put anything in your bags
    when walking in the streets walk in the streets
    and when dealing with the cops
    do everything they say right away
    because for some reason blacks end up in jails
    or dead.

    we saw rodney king beat by a group of cops in the streets

    the first viral video

    we saw the cops face trial and all get off.

    they got off on rodney king then they got off on rodney king.

    people sure love to talk about how OJ got off but when was the last time you heard about all those cops getting off on rodney king.

    thousands of people rioted over six straight days in LA after those cops were acquitted by that jury in simi valley

    thousands of people were arrested.

    after the federal case only two of the four cops were sent to prison

    despite serving up 56 baton blows in the 81 seconds of video and nearly killing mr king.

    so the sad thing is many blacks had no faith that local courts would find cops guilty enough in these recent officer-involved deaths to make them stand trial

    and i for sure didnt expect any of them, if they did go to court, to serve any jail time.

    because rodney king.

  2. Friday, July 6, 2012

    enter title here 

    i would do it.

    why not.

    my name backwards is y not.

    my heart backwards is !

    my dreams backwards are ???

    lesser than backwards is >

    you with me backwards is HI!




    whos that

    once i had a recycling center

    right there in my kitchen

    but i turned it into a time machine

    so i could zoom into the future

    the future backwards is

    very confusing

    because you dont know whats gonna happen

    but you sure as hell

    know where it came from

    but you find out too late to punch the bad guys.

  3. Wednesday, December 28, 2011


    stay in bed

    there are trends that probably should get people concerned, but nah.

    i get these emails from the Parents Television Nation, i think its called.

    they go on and on about programs that are on television,

    and why they are horrible because they contain sexual content and the like.

    they try to encourage me and others on the email list to make phone calls to people

    so the tv shows will get cancelled.

    sometimes theres an image of a child in the email.

    do it for the kids, they’re saying, basically.

    often i feel like writing back and ask, are you serious?

    are you truly freaked out by what’s on tv and what kids may see

    and not at all freaked out by, you know,

    guns n stuff?

    in real life

    all around us