nothing in here is true

  1. Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    mike pence doesnt wanna wear a mask 

    because he wants to look people in the eye.

    i can see that.

    i can see everything.

    i can see why people disagree with me or misunderstand me or want to slow my roll.

    hell, i slow my roll nearly every damn day. im slowing it right now.

    im a bit nervous about what my roll might look like if it wasn’t slowed down.

    when i was little my roll was outta control. i ran fast, i walked and talked fast. i thought fast. people thought i was hyper.

    deep into my college years someone gave me incredible weed and my roll slowed almost to a stop and i was all omg.

    im not sure i liked it better, but to be honest i think i was less annoying to others. which is good. im still annoying. i’ll be annoying when i die. and after. and for years to come.

    not my fault.

    and thats why i wear a mask.