have i told you i have the greatest friends?

have i told you i have the greatest life

have i told you im the most grateful man in the world

because where i grew up i dreamed of this life and i never thought it was actually possible for a wretch like me

which rhymes with do you see that the price of that ticket is free

which rhymes with row bb means you on the floor,  bb

have i ever told you that they put nachos and nd chili and cheese and sour cream in extra large popcorn tubs now

have i ever told you that shannon texted me this morning and asked if i wanted to go to the rock show and i said yes of course and she brought her daughter and i learned that rivers is her godfather

rivers the man with that crazy billy ray cyrus haircut and funny ass guitar

shannon and justin know how much i love weezer, as in so much, as in i knew every word tonight and every song and am hoarse right now from singing

and even though fall out boy and green day were on next i left after weezer because do you really need to have dessert after youve eaten two tubs of nachos, a beer, a coke, and a water?

have i ever told you that i used to see those palm trees when i was a teen, those very ones beyond the bullpen at dodger stadium and they looked so foreign and beautiful

and i said i want to go there.

i want to live there.

the same way you say that when you see pictures of hawaii for the first time

or when the prettiest girl in school sits down with you and you wanna be her friend

have i told you i never want this to end

i was so happy i walked home

through the packed parking lot

through echo park and lil joy

and then learned my favorite magazine had written to ask me if i wanted to interview

with them

on tuesday.

songs ive been enjoying lately

kurdt cobain said lists are good for us 

mr recordman – ugly kid joe

lana del rey – white dress

we’ve got tonight – bob seger

hey hey what can i do – led zeppelin

all my favorite songs – weezer

the grates – aw yeah

rancid – ghost band

the clash – career opportunities (sandinista version)

the cure – love song

bob dylan – on a night like this

drivers license – olivia rodrigo

MONTERO (call me by your name) – lil nas x



took amber to see Weezer and the Pixies last night

it was great.

i was nervous we werent gonna go because when i got home she was dead tired and napping.

i have an interesting relationship with her in that right before i come home she starts napping.

the cats are the opposite, they nap when im out, but when i get home they pop to life and hug me, take my hat, fetch me my slippers and pack my pipe.

amber though is snoring and smiling. you can literally see the Zzzzs floating from her pretty face.

i got home before 7. by 730p she was still in snoozeville and i was getting nervous because twitter told me that the Pixies were scheduled to go on at 8pm. i live more than a half hour from the Fabulous Forum so i was like please wake up please wake up.

at 7:50p she was up, dressed, had a hot black metal number on, bright red lipstick

Lyft for some reason knew i was going to the show and gave us a free ride there.

got this driver who told us he drives 60 hours a week. he rents his car from Lyft and if he can drive that much the car only cost $30 a week. all he has to do is pay for gas which he says is a tank a day. maybe a half a tank, i dont know, my head exploded with the 60 rides thing.

got to the show and the Pixies, who i thought were about to end, were only in the middle of their set. they were pretty good. amber was surprised that frank black was fat. i was all, girl, bro has been fat since before you were born.

weezer came out and their set (seen above, pic by DVL) was a tribute to their Happy Days / Buddy Holly video. Then after a few songs the set changed to their “garage” (yes the one I once jammed in with Rivers) , then it changed to a traditional Rock Set.

then rivers took a Bird scooter through the crowd and sang Amber two songs from a little boat that he later sailed to Catalina.

true quote from Amber during her favorite tune that Rivers pretty much sang right to her: “this is my favorite concert ever.”

so i guess she’s happy she rose from her nap.

oh yeah, they also did Africa by Toto and Weird Al showed up to play his accordian

today is the 20th anniversary of Pinkerton

pinksnowmy favorite weezer album.

one day i was at a party and Rivers was there.

it was during the time when Rivers was in exile because he was so sad and ashamed that Pinkerton wasnt the commercial monster that their debut, the blue album was.

he had a thick beard and he was as shy as everyone said he was gonna be and he sat in a comfy chair in the corner trying to hide behind his glasses. i think he was practicing to be invisible.

after a beer i got the courage to walk over to him and say hi. he said hi and smiled but it felt like even that was torture and for sure i didnt wanna torture one of my favorite rock stars.

i said, i just wanna tell you, i dont care what anyone says, i love Pinkerton and i am so grateful you made it. he smiled the most awkward smile like i had just complemented him on a messy poop.

later i heard people playing music in the garage.

the party was being held in the small house on Amherst Street in West LA where Weezer lived when they first moved to LA. The garage in question was the one Rivers wrote about in the song from the Blue Album.

whoever was on drums was playing super badly. i thought to myself, im pretty bad at drums but im not as bad as That guy. so i went in, asked for the drumsticks and took over for the jam session.

minutes later, shy Rivers came in with a notebook. turned out it was filled with Nirvana songs that he was learning. he had little notes with chord changes and lyrics. whoever was on guitar handed him the guitar and he turned to me and said, do you know Nirvana?

sarcastically i said WHO?

not catching the joke he said, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana?

i was all, play a little and i’ll figure it out.

(next to Weezer, Nirvana was my favorite band.)

and we all played Nirvana songs until i realized what was happening and i ran out of the room because my heart was about to explode in a million pieces.

even telling this very true story is making me feel that way.

a few years ago Rivers and Weezer played Pinkerton all the way through at the Universal Ampitheater which was then called the Gibson which is now called Harry Potter World because they tore it down to make way for an amusement park.

because life is super dooper weird and sometimes ridiculously magical.

i had SUCH a good day yesterday

yum yum donuts

it all started before donuts, which is what the army taught me.

remember that crazy line “we get more done before you eat donuts than most people do all day?”

yeah me neither. but i did have a great airport drive at 7am in hella traffic that got me $89.

as i drove back to civilization i grabbed some donuts and they were all here have 16 for the price of 12.

happy early birthday.

then i had delicious sushi with patrick j patrick for lunch.

then i was able to help someone at work and that made me feel useful, which i rarely feel

katie and ali

after work i remembered that ali had earlier in the day invited me to play the new Guitar Hero game

and see a special secret show starring the one and only Weezer


so i called my man chris and asked him if he wanted to come and he said


so we drove out to the marshlands of playa and parked illegally

then took a huge mercedes party van into the party

and met up with katie, ali, and a beautiful young rock critic named Andrea who shared in my Weezer nerdom

we all drank and the waitstaff offered us tiny burgers and hor d’oeuvres and we watched the opening band from outside

i noted that the handsome guitarist of Weezer was sitting near us, alone, and i wanted to say hi

brian bell

but i was loving the convo that we were all having about rock criticism and badly behaving edm djs

then the time came to go inside to see Weezer and mama mia was it great to be soooooo close

and hear three fantastic tunes

weezer set list -1

yes three, ok! It was fun. shut up!






and we were super close because it was in someones garage that fit like 55 people.


afterwards we took a selfie



12 shows that i remember seeing at the universal amphitheater

weezer at the universal

lisa lisa & cult jam, expose – 1987
randy newman – 1990
beastie boys, cypress hill, rollins band- 1992
weezer, teenage fanclub, that dog – 1995
marilyn manson – 2001
kid rock, tenacious d – 2002
beastie boys – 2004
barack obama, goo goo dolls, ne-yo – 2007
kathy griffin – 2009
mariah carey – 2010
weezer does pinkerton – 2010
no doubt – 2012

rest in peace universal / gibson, i will miss you so very much

KM asks: let’s say you’re having a rough day, what tunes turn that frown upside down?

park ranger

dear katherine,

im so sorry you’re feeling gloomy.

i am very worried about gloomy feelings because i get nervous that they can snowball into gloomy days, gloomy weeks, and gloomy months.

so i try to nip even the slightest negative feelings in the bud.

perhaps being a Cubs fan has helped me cope.

since they’re terrible.

and probably won’t win it all until 2014.

weirdly i don’t find myself down too often, and “rough days” in journalism are just called “days”.

but when things are extraordinarily difficult i usually go somewhere that has funny pictures or sweet things happening like Reddit and click real fast to see if theres anything inspiring or interesting.

and look, today i spy a little note from a Yosemite Junior Ranger named Evie who sent something nice to the Park Rangers there.


but you’re right, music does make the heart grow fonder though, so when i find the urge to turn on some music and take a little walk here are some songs and videos that would soothe this savage beast:

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