why westwood is screwed

westwood back in the day

in order to rest my arms and wrists i only ubered once yesterday, but it was a good one.

picked up this real estate guy in beverly hills and we drove to hollywood and talked LA real estate, specifically westwood nearly all the way.

he lives in westwood so he had a personal stake in my question which was: how on Earth could somewhere like the Westwood Village be surrounded by so much affluence and yet struggle in the commercial district?

he said it has been a perfect storm of two things

there was a driveby shooting infront of a dance club 25 years ago and the neighbors overreacted and imposed all these rules on businesses in westwood that disallowed live music, pool tables, dancing, and pretty much anything that would attract

a certain element

from coming into the village and repeating the thing that happened a generation ago.

the other thing was he said one family owns 90 percent of the commercial real estate up and down westwood blvd in the village. and that family does not care one bit if there are vacancies. it’s all a tax write off and meanwhile they can charge exorbitant rents and some will pay but others will say forget it and go somewhere else.

he also said that todays UCLA student studies waaaay more than the students in the 80s and therefore they dont care that theres no dance clubs or bars or anything other than Pho, Diddy Reese, and In n Out. they made it into their top school and theyre gonna graduate in four years.

and those greek kids who Do like to party will just take an Uber to Hollywood and dance over there.

thus Westwood is screwed, probably forever, and will never return as the center of fun in LA for young people.

the end.

the olden times

the olden times

there are some things i miss about the olden days:

arcade parlors, mtv, less than a buck a gallon gasoline, record stores, afros, harry caray

things that im thrilled are around nowadays:

the internet, wifi, dvrs, $400 55″ lcd tvs, 99cent jack in the box tacos, text messaging, blogging

when i think about LA i usually think about the things that arent here any more, which is weird, because it dont think that about my wallet or heart, why would i care about westwood?

but i do, and i talk about it all the time, and some people who were here when it was happening understand

but about just as many dont. they say f westwood.

in fact the most LA response i get is,

“can you imagine the traffic if westwood came back?”


in the olden times ppl loved crowds.

and hats.