do you know i love you? i do.

over the last few months ive been burning the candle at both ends.

working and working on two very different things, both hard, but rewarding.

yesterday on the subway i was told that i would have more time to work on the other thing

which is fine, but a lot of what i had been working on for them was figuring out how to figure it out.

we had an SEO guy at the Times come in for a while and he was fantastic and i think in the room of 50, i was one of the very few who totally understood what he was saying because i am a super nerd for that sort of thing.

so when i went to KPCC, he was the first guy i had them consult with.

it was there that i realized why everyone spaced out to him at the Times: no one wants to hear the magic doesnt work overnight.

the internet and search and social media, combined, is the most finicky, unpredictable wyld stallion who does not want to be figured out or gamed or mastered because once that happens

spamming will ruin it all.

even when you figure out something you’re probably better off not exploiting it in major ways because the other thing about the internet is theres scoreboards everywhere

you want a slow, steady, reasonable, understandable climb.

it took a good year at the Academy to get the ball rolling. and that was an extremely familiar and rightfully beloved brand. top of the heap. and still it was an aircraft carrier that resisted turning and speeding up.

time takes time, ringo.

if youre gonna play a pinball machine for a year, you should, for sure, tilt it in the first game to see where the sidelines are. but then people call you the tilter.

if i could go back in time, i would, so i could learn a few things

one: kpcc to find out what i coulda done there to make it work

because that scoreboard barely moved.

im dying to find out why.

is this blog good or bad when interviewing for jobs?

21 years ago i was part of a very small team that hired over 400 people.

i did my best as that Recruiter to try to see into the hearts of prospective employees

to see if they would like the job, work well with the crew, and be good to the customer.

you really only had a few minutes to make this determination

the few minutes you scanned the resume, the 20 minutes on the phone call

and the 60 minutes in the interview.

some people judged people with how they followed up if the process was taking long

but i didn’t.

the process should not take long. that was on me.

still, some prospective employees dressed provocatively in the interview

which, interesting as it was, a negative checkmark

some people were almost overly prepared, spitting back info about the company that clearly PR put on some dusty corner of the website

and even though it should have been a negative checkmark, at least they were trying

this blog is twenty years of a writer writing in


dusty little corner of the web.

i am an open person. i wish more were.

i appreciate when i stumble across something that seems so personal and real.

and i am sad there are fewer of those out there because

i think people are wonderful and we dont have that long to be examples of that.

this blog was weirdly launched a month before 9/11. it saw the first Black president and every episode of Lost.

it documents me going from disgruntled bus rider in a job that didn’t love me to watching the Cubs win the World Series

one game in person.

sometimes i worry that portions will be taken out of context and give someone a reason to give me more than a few negative checkmarks but

what i learned from hiring all those people

was sometimes i made the wrong choice.

of course its bound to happen with that many hires in a short period of time

but nobody wants to make mistakes like that.

this job tomorrow im pretty sure id be great at

and im pretty sure it would allow me to use some of the things i learned

from my last job

and take it to a different level.

and that is exciting.

but i dont know how that crew is,

and that dynamic, i have seen, makes all the difference.

unimately, i just want to be a good element

a positive check mark

among others.

all i wanna do is do well

i have a job interview next week for a job i really want

i want it for a few reasons including the fact that it is new technology

sitting on top of different ground breaking tech

mixed with social media and communities

right up my alley, right?

so you’d think.

i dont know if it’ll come up in this interview or if i get a second one with them, in that one

but i just wanna tell them

i just wanna be good.

i was debating with a stranger the other day about office dynamics

and say you have a staff of 300 people, how many are replaceable

and how many, if you lost them, you’d really notice them not being there

it was a terrible debate because these are peoples lives and careers we are talking about and shits bad enough

but when i was thinking about that particular place i had a hard time thinking about 10 percent that were truly irreplaceable.

for example, you cannot replace michael jordan, walter payton, or even sammy sosa – love them or hate them.

yeah you can start another running back, but there was only one Sweetness.

who doesnt want to be one of those 10%?

but do they work out like those guys did? do they study? do they take risks? are they courageous? are they always always always figuring out ways to improve and dominate their position?


i want to be one of those 10%

i want to be one of the people someone says are you kidding, tony, i love seeing him here. fuck.

but how do you say that on a zoom call when the strangers are far from the camera in a meeting room?


you whisper

didnt get the job i was perfect for

and heres why its ok.

after kpcc i just could not get a gig to save my life. if it wasnt for my friend amy i dont even know what i would have done.

she got me some freelance work that paid really good. it was hard but it paid.

then someone from the LA Times told me about the Oscars job and — do you know how much i love the Oscars? suddenly im working there. going to it. socialmediaing it? improving the numbers. talking to the people. learning the things?

if i had just gotten the ok job right outta kpcc, i would have never gotten the incredible job months and months later.

was i in a terrible funk in between those two? yes. terrrrible. i even went into fox news’ hq in nyc and interviewed for a job. i was maybe gonna move. while there the oscars called and said whats up. i was all im in nyc because obvs my life is over.

and they were all well get back here because out of 1000 applicants you’re tony pierce.

so whats crazy about todays denial, they know me. they reached out to me. then they made me jump through a hoop on the other side of the moon. and i jumped and flew around and stuck the landing.

and still no. which is totally fine because sometimes it’s nice to have to jump high and show what youre made of. and do things in a few weeks that whoever they chose couldnt do in years.

if anything to just see yourself that you can do it. and be funny. and be fresh. and be right on the money.

im gonna do my own thing going forward.

i dont ever want to be in a situation where one or two people determine my future.

the first half of my life was that and it was interesting but fuck that shit.

the things i have done have value and the things i know i can do have even more.

why am i splitting it with them with me getting the tiniest fraction?

the season of lent is not about giving up things but having a different relationship to the things we do through the rest of the year.

im gonna write my ass off on medium

then podcast my ass off like the freak i am.

did a great interview today for my new blog

the guy is a hugely successful television producer and long time reader of this very blog.

he had some advice for me about my forthcoming podcast which i wanted to disagree with, but did i mention he’s hugely successful?

meanwhile im working the pole at Gold Diggers at 2-6pm

what was weird is usually i begin the interviews by buttering the guest up, but he beat me to the punch, complimenting me and this and saying that i always had the most interesting cast of characters here

he even gave me props for nothing in here is true which sorta blew my mind.

i drove around hollywood as i talked to him because my phone connection is always great when im not doing anything, but any time im conducting a serious interview it cuts off on me.

once i was interviewing now-councilperson Nithya Raman from my living room and the phone dropped like 5 times. so embarrassing.

so now i just drive while i interview, pulling over every now and then to look at my notes.

howard stern had it right: if two people are having a great conversation one hour is about right. i think today we did about an hour ten.

we agreed on many things, disagreed on a few, but the whole time he was so upbeat and friendly and real. only a few questions did he not want to answer, which is good, you want to keep pushing as a reporter to see where the boundaries are. usually they’re where you think they would be, some people surprise you.

anyways it was very nice to be a journalist again. especially nice knowing that this is going to go into my own publication. and if it takes off, i alone will reap the rewards.

it is funny though, i still get nervous before it goes down. it doesnt matter who i interview. ever since Black Francis was a dead fish conversation way back in 1991, i am terrified that i will be unprepared for the worst, and fortunately that day has never revisited itself. but still i get scared.

Then i get freaked out that the recording didnt take. i forget who, but once at the Academy i interviewed someone and the recording didnt work but thank God I took notes and was able to make it work. oh it was the great John August. fortunately we also had a follow-up interview scheduled so i was able to get a few more questions in there. still it was embarrassing because i really loved working for my boss Josh Spector and i could see how disappointed he was.

but shit happens with tech and he knows that as well as anyone. in the long run i think i have been far luckier with it than not. one thing i do is i usually call my mom and record her first to see if everything works. she played along by reeling off a list of curse words. LOL JK.

tomorrow i transcribe it and work on another project im doing for someone else.

it’s nice to be busy. it’s nice to talk to nice people. it’s nice to be alive.

lost to the times this week

i should just give up.

what did i even do this week?

i wrote “the best show i ever saw was at Spaceland

then i wrote “Why Being Christian Shouldn’t Stop You from Supporting BLM

worked on a piece that i hope to have out on tuesday about a great artist.

then on saturday i returned my Air which for some reason was hard for me.

i had to figure out how to make my printer and phone talk together

thank God for YouTube tutorials.

then i had to will my printer to work.

turned out FedEx has a very simple way to print – which makes sense.

when im fancy imma do all my shipping with them. thats just way too easy.

on Thursday or Friday i retweeted a picture from the Glendale Galleria of people who were eating in the parking garage. it did really well — for that guy.

so after FedEx i drove out to Glendale to see if i could take a few more (he only had one).

i ended up taking four very bad pictures.

fucker went off

over 600k impressions with a whopping 400k engagements

on a tweet, late on a saturday

in a garage.

if you only knew how many places i applied to last year

some multiple times.

one i found out thru linked-in who the VP of the department was

figured out his email address

explained how they had been advertising the job for 5-6 months and ive applied three times and havent even gotten a nibble.

i told him, i will work for whatever salary the last person got – just talk to me.

nothing worked.

no one wanted me.

but heres the best thing about that tweet… it increased our followers by 42%.

one tweet with bad pictures in a garage and now you get over 700 more followers.

i love the internet so much you have no idea.

but what i really want is a podcast.

i cant write. im in a hole.

my brain is everywhere. everythings a distraction. i just need to do this one thing which is now two. which is bordering on three. and i cant.

all i think about is la quinta. its the one thing i really miss off of all of this.

this morning i woke up with a sore throat and i was like, whoops, there it is. dying. Rona. adios!

i wanna go to la quinta because they have too many pools and a roof deck where a night like tonight you could see every star and every star can see you and some of them say have you no decency? pants!

by now we woulda been there twice probs.

i traded up my air for a pro. i can see now without squinting. this is a real computer.

neil young has a song called “piece of crap.” after a while you learn that some things can be crap but the thing that you use every day, especially for work, should be the real deal.

air was fine but it’s for kids.

if i was at la quinta id take a long walk around the grounds, dive into a pool, then maybe another.

clear my head.

soak in a hot tub.

flash the stars on an outdoor chaise next to the out door fire place

pink floyd easing out of the iphone

amber inside snoring

and in the morning id wake with the sun and do this damn thing.

but tonight its just


ive had two really good days in a row

Sunday was fantastic. i wrote an important email, had a very good phone call, got some laundry done, talked to my mom and had a fantastic heart to heart with Amber.

she has done a lot during this shut down. A LOT.

at first she resisted this thing. massively. she hated it. she’s such a workaholic so to be locked into our little apartment drove her nuts. she worried they wouldnt hire her back. she fretted over everything. she wrote so many emails and called so many people.

plus unemployment was a nightmare. they still havent paid her everything on time.

but then something happened a few weeks ago and she just clicked into the next gear. now shes accepted that shes at the mercy of so many things outside of her control and she’s ok with it, cuz fuck it, they’re gonna do whatever theyre gonna do no matter how many hours she waits on hold for this or that.

in the meantime she visits a half dozen homeless people every day and posts memes on her instagram. Also, she’s learning how to edit video. which i love her for.

today we went to walmart for a $9 can opener. left spending $101.

on the way i interviewed a community organizer from lansing michigan. a black girl who was so honest with me. we bonded beautifully and her idealism was genuinely inspiring.

we could have talked forever but im trying to keep these interviews down to 35 minutes or so because the long ones make me hate life when i have to transcribe them. and with so much happening every day i want to turn these around in a day if i can.

that’s my goal. which is tough. but tough goals are the best.

it was a good week and now it’s done

i did some good things, i did some things im very happy about.

i couldnt connect with some people and that made me sad

and some things ended that i wasnt expecting.

but lets talk about procrastination.

i have a tiny little attention span. call me crazy.

and when that window is open i can do so well.

almost every post on this blog, since 2001, was written under 30 minutes

but for work i spend hours.

some people spend days or weeks but i get so bored by then

which is hard because sometimes it does take days to get things done.

youve gotta talk to one more person or your editor wants you to add one more thing or somethings too long or something doesnt make sense or things change

all of that annoys me.

i want to take a snapshot of that moment and go on to the next thing.

procrastination means i didnt snap quickly enough.

even if i love what i am looking at, i dont want to savor it. i shouldnt. i should just do it because im gonna get bored.

a few weeks ago i was at a walmart and i saw something cool and i talked to a woman who was fascinating and i wanted to rush home and write it down but one thing led to another, i think i picked amber up at work and then we went somewhere.

then she looked me up and down and couldnt keep her hands off me.

then we danced on the lawn. then we laughed and laughed

and fell asleep.

ive been procrastinating this walmart story for weeks.

dont get me wrong, in the meantime ive been writing my tail off.

so today it was in the schedule that i would have it done. and i had a phone meeting at 8pm and all day i procrastinated it. then at 7 i started and by 730 it was pretty much done. and for that next half hour i polished it up real nice like. and i was relieved

like taking a giant dump. i feel ten pounds lighter.

i felt free.

i took a shower, kissed the girl, flipped on some porn and waited for her to finish this amazing dinner she was cooking. turned on bill maher.

i just felt incredible

and now i want to figure out how i can feel this way every friday.

work really hard for a week and then on that friday be done.

be good and done.

be super complete.

i feel so… professional… adult… accomplished… smart when i do the thing i say i was gonna do and its on time

and its better than i pitched it.

this is truly good.

the thing i did about the masks from los angeles apparel was good

the thing i did about this other thing is good.

i feel good.

and i feel lucky.

and i thank God for letting me have the opportunity to have these feelings

because right now so few feel good.