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  1. Wednesday, January 9, 2013
  2. Sunday, November 25, 2012

    dude awarded $25k the last time Hawthorne PD arrested him for taking pics, jailed again 

    earlier this month Daniel J. Saulmon was detained for 4 days for shooting this video in Hawthorne, CA.

    in 2005 mr. saulmon won $25,000 when in a settlement when he was arrested on a similar charge.

    it is not illegal to photograph police (or anything) happening on public streets. and unless an officer has reasonable cause to suspect you are doing something illegal, you are not required to produce identification in California.

    will photographing police while they’re working upset them? sure. would you be annoyed if someone was photographing you while you were working? probably. but if your job is about knowing the laws and enforcing them, you are often held to a different standard in relation to laws.

    also, im sure mr. saulmon, and his bicycle, and his camera, are probably the last things police want around when theyre working.

    with that said he spent 4 days in jail for this and something tells me he will either get another $25k, or more for this incident.

    it also reminds me of this one:

    which makes think that police and sheriffs deputies need to rethink how they are going to deal with this modern era where people have cameras and recording devices everywhere

    and often, they are the new subjects of the reality show that will instantly be published online.

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  6. Saturday, January 28, 2012

    biggest hit of january 2012? 

    it might have to be 8 year old Juliette from Down Under who recorded a one-minute hit

    that took the YouTubes by storm

    and got over 17 MILLION views in 9 days.

    eat that Rebecca Black

    anyways young Juliette’s video inspired this extremely funny reply video

    this heartfelt (in a lonely dude has a room full of great equipment way) cover

    and this cheesy cover

  7. Thursday, September 8, 2011
  8. Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    i dont know who this alexi wasser person is 

    but I think American Apparel should hire her immediately.

    they’re a freakin penny stock (arent we al these days) who has great display ads

    and even better online ads, but for some reason the kids arent flocking to their stores as they did in olden times

    then all of a sudden theres this alexi character who pretty much embodies that brand’s whole essense

    and it appears that she makes her own video spots pretty well by herself (cough:low-overhead)

    and suddenly you have an online viral sausage machine of hits.

    except unlike the LonelyGirl15 malarkey, this is somewhat genuine.

    as genuine as youre gonna get for 2011 at least.

    a big sister who wears the clothes and speaks to a good chunk of the demo.

    getter done dov

  9. Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    why do we post things in public 

    other than my sister i was the only black kid in school till i got to high school. there was this guy or this girl who’d pop into school for a year or two but they rarely stayed long.

    in high school the percentage was even worse. and at uc santa barbara there was the basketball team, mc peace, the associated students president, and the brothas at the two black frats.

    so trust me, i know that some people are racist.

    and im ok with that.

    if we are to accept each other for our different skin colors, we should probably also start trying to be ok with the differences in our minds too.

    not everyone is on the same path as you. or as far along as you.

    not only am i far behind most of you, but i tend to lallygag on the way. ask all of my friends with children.

    so im not uptight with the blonde girl from ucla who uttered some racially insensitive thoughts on youtube. statements so insensitive the chancellor of the university also apologized.

    im not uptight because young people are young. clearly she doesnt know too many asians and there she is on a campus where people from all over the world are figuring out things too, and also being young, which sometimes means talking on the phone. hi.

    what i wish people would focus on more in this story is not the obvious (young people be crazy), but the sad which is why did she have the urge to record herself ranting and then throwing it on youtube.

    i love exhibitionists as much as the next veteran blogger. and its true an attractive and curvy blonde ucla co-ed is going to get more attention from a youtube rant than a facebook status update. but do we really want global attention for making fun of people?

    i have way more to say about this but The Situation is on the Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump now and i hear he’s horrible.

  10. Saturday, September 26, 2009

    like reddit and the busblog, 

    sometimes the comments on Digg are the best part, but youtubes were great on this video

    the hard hitting reporter turned anchor katie couric asked the Fox TV ratings prince via the proxy of “the twitter question” from a young lady in florida “what did you mean by ‘white culture’ (when you said that president obama was racist)”?

    strangely the tv talk guy became tongue tied.

    the video shot to the top of Digg yesterday and the comments were biting on youtubes:

    – two douchebag insects are placed into an air-tight jar and shaken vigorously. a fight ensues; but for the winner, victory is futile: there is no air in the jar.

    – I love how Beck tries calling Katie out for laying a trap, but immediately drops it realizing how pathetic that dead end, as if a simple question, by definition, is a trap. Katie’s aplomb is priceless. Beck’s bumbling the same.

    – “Americans should ask tough questions.” Haha, yeah, and then they should dodge them with red herrings.

    – I like to watch him squirm. It makes him look like a frog in hot water.

    – lol katie is talking to him like he’s a kindergartner, trying to appease him so he could attempt to answer the question

    – I just said, to an empty dark room… “you’re an —hole.”

    – Beck is having his Palin Moment.

    – He’s stunningly bipolar.

    – Wow, it’s like watching a real life Michael Scott from The Office… or is he more Andy Bernard? Either way, Glenn Beck belongs at Dunder Mifflin.

    wonkettes were pretty funny too